[before_listing images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/ad2f052e26e4c65b056762a370e47faf.jpg youtube=null] Hello everyone, my name is Joe. I am a 28 year old male who is looking for a major lifestyle change. I have made up my mind to go off grid. I currently work as a commercial real estate broker here in Chicago and although I am fairly successful, it is just not the life I want.

So where do I begin? I didn’t grow up in Chicago, I moved there after an enlistment in the USMC and going to college. I grew up in a small town of about 700 people in northwest Illinois. I know how to hunt, fish, camp, and use a compass, and I avidly enjoy doing all of the above. My father is a carpenter and started teaching me what he knew since I was old enough to ask him ‘how.’ I would consider myself a jack-of-all-trades, I can fix most things and I can work on small engines. My ingenuity, trouble-shooting, and problem solving skills are top-notch for someone who only has 28 years of wisdom to draw upon.

I’m physically in pretty good shape, I’m 6ft, 190 pounds, coordinated. I am not married nor do i have kids. I want kids but the more I see what is going on in this country, the less i want to have them. I am not religious by any means, I believe someone would have to be crazy to believe what one book says opposed to another book, when both books say basically the same thing. I believe in science and nature, so to spare myself from the atheist/agnostic moniker, I call myself a Darwinist. Just because i don’t believe in those things, doesn’t mean I am opposed to them however. In my opinion, one of the greatest things about being human is you have the right to choose what you believe in. I enjoy deep conversation about the vastness and possibilites of space, what our planet would have been like 5,000 years ago before man really started making it’s mark, or any number of intriguing topics. I like to enjoy life and I am always seeking some form of adventure.

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I am adaptable, so I’m not really pigeon-holed into any specific region/area. I am looking to make the life change as soon as possible. I understand what it means to be a part of a team. My time in the Marine Corps showed me what a group people who selflessly work towards a common goal can achieve.

I have been thinking about this for over a year and finally decided to put the ball in motion. I feel at home in the wilderness so I figure it’s time to go home before this corporate world takes every ounce of self I have.

I am looking for a group of like-minded individuals who want to set out and do it the hard way, or an established group of individuals who would welcome a hard working person with alot to offer into their midst. My email address is jtvanbr@gmail.com if you would like to contact me. I’m sure if you google it you can find a picture of me or info on me, feel free because I have nothing to hide.

~libere vivit liber~[landbuddy_listing images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/ad2f052e26e4c65b056762a370e47faf.jpg youtube=null]

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8 Responses to “Different life, harder but simpler”

  1. nicholeb1

    Hi Brittiny,

    I also live in Chicago, and am looking for like minded people.
    Feel free to email me
    nikkynioc at yahoo dot com



  2. Brittiny

    Hello all :)

    Like most I am looking for individuals who are keen on the move toward simplification. My boyfriend and I are both working professionals who appreciate and anticipate a gradual if not drastic lifestyle change; we look forward to getting our hands dirty in the process.

    Our near future plans and goals are mobile/van centric living with a hand built cob/stawbale home at the end of the proverbial rainbow.

    He is a chicago native while I moved here from NY after finishing school. Were happy to meet and help any like minded good guys and gals in our journey toward the challenge of an easier existence.

    Feel free to reach out! hope you all have a great day and don’t hesitate to fight the good fight! ;)

  3. Richard Kennedy

    hello, I’m Rich, I’m 25 and I live in the chicago suburbs. I have wanted a life off the grid for years now I want to find the right people to be with. where money is no goal simply live life to the fullest off the land, I can fish, cook, recycle and reuse, ex- boy scout, good marksmanship just need to get my hands on a good bow or firearm again. I’m also very intelligent and creative and find all kinds of ways to use all kinds of things around me both safely and successfully. Get back to me ASAP, thank you

  4. Jessica

    Hey All,
    Feel free to contact me. I successfully lived off the grid for just over a year. I decided that it was not the lifestyle that I was seeking but I had a dream that it was at one point; and I saw it through from conception to completion. I’m more than happy to answer any questions or offer any advice that I can.

    Best of luck and follow your dreams! :)

  5. amy schmidt

    Hey all,
    Feel free to contact me. Looking for folks in Northern Wisconsin for a low impact, low-tech ag, hunter/gatherer wilderness community. I have forty acres adjoining public land, water frontage. I teach wilderness/primitive skills and have tipis available for retreats, so there is a potential for small income. Need ambitious, honest, hard working, family friendly, non drug using folks.
    Thanks much!
    Amy Schmidt

  6. Greg

    Hi everyone,
    My wife and I are in the process of doing exactly that as well. We have been looking for land to establish a sort of art collective/community around what would become a learning center for three different aspects of life we believe are most important for us:
    1. Art
    2. Mind and Body (the physical and none-physical)
    3. DIY Sustainability

    The Idea is to be in the woods within 2hours of New York City, off the water/sewage/electric/gas…grid creating a platform for learning and teaching skills in all three aspects, growing our own food and living as free as possible.

    The way I’ve imagined this place is everyone involved gets a plot of land to live on. Your plot of land is yours to build what you wish as a dwelling, as long as it is self sustainable, built with available materials and/or up-cycled materials. In this vision I have seen converted trucks and buses or motorhomes, tree houses, adobe homes, earthships and straw-bail houses.

    Anyway I could go on and on about this as the idea has been morphing in my head for about 8 years now…. but we have finally started the ball rolling!

    If you’re interested in more info this is where we are:

  7. Randy van sant

    I live in southern Iowa and am on the verge of a life change myself following the departure of my girlfriend of five years who is too much in the terms of having to live a certain way. I have access to some cheap ground in north Missouri and will join the charge. I am very good at everything outdoors so let’s do this let me know. Rcvs

  8. Zaida Santas

    My name is Zaida Santas and I am looking to live off the grid. I am looking for a community that would welcome someone like me. I am not financially stable, but I do have skills. I can fish and know how to set up camp. I am also good with children, so if you have small children in your community, I would be an asset to them, as I have taught in the school system and can home school children to read, write and do arithmetic(Math). I have been a counselor as well. I am sick and tired of living in the main street and having to fight this dog eat dog life. I am anxious to get back to nature as God intended us to live. my email is zsantas@yahoo.com. I want to get started.
    Zaida Santas