Looking for openminded people to join our community.

We are setting up structure for self-sufficient farm with own water and electricity.

We are looking only for pureblooded people. We have a cheap local solution for tiny houses and we are open to different alternatives. Land is secluded and private.

Feel free to contact  natan.kasprzak@gmail.com

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4 Responses to “Detach from the system :)”

  1. Catherine

    Hi, great to hear! Same ideas here. We are currently 3/4 people looking for the same credentials anywhere in Europe that is not too cold. We re mostly focused on Portugal and Spain and we might go up to 6 people if this couple who are our friends, are open to move overseas. I can t find out your location…. what country or continent are you interested in please? As we are non religious but spiritual and as we value being totally off grid whilst living in harmony with nature, we happen to also be vegetarians which to us, go hand in hand with these qualities. Is this what you re also looking for? Thanks.

  2. Nate2

    Hey, so nice to hear that.
    Just to let you know that during winter it can get below 0* during the night.
    I am looking into transferring to a bigger house that will be closer to the land so i will be able to offer accommodation as well.
    Currently we are planning the private road to the land so for now there is not much you could do, but if you like we can hang out and get to know each other. Our goal is to cocreate a new reality, system. In that system we all live selfsufficiently and help each other.
    I hope to have more info for you in the following months or maybe even weeks.

  3. Chris

    Iv been living in my van since the beginning of the scamdemic, I want to surround myself with like minded individuals