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[before_listing id=265 images= youtube=null] I currently live in north Georgia and need help getting off the grid. I’m 27 and have been trying to get off the grid for a while and it has been difficult finding like minded people. I’m hoping to find a like minded community or one we can start were I can surround my self around loving, intellectual, self sufficient people. I know I have allot to offer and would like to talk more about it. Contact me at Skype: kennedyinsgroup Msn Messenger: or just give me a call.[landbuddy_listing id=265 images= youtube=null]

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10 Responses to “Destiny and The Calling”

  1. jc878

    Hello everyone. I just registered to Off-Grid a few days ago…!0/30/16. I have found that mostly all of the posts on the forum are several years old. Is there any current 2016 post or comments that I can research and find new or updated like minded people. I have many skills to offer. I would like to stay closer to Northern Georgia higher elevations or even close to S.C. if possible. Thank You.

  2. moonstroller

    anyone living in the Gilmer Country area or nearby that would like to get together and discuss ideas about off-grid living can contact me at

    I have a place and would like to share with other of a like mind.

  3. sirrena

    Oh i did forget to mention my location. Sorry about that. Currently i am located in dallas, ga but i know when it gets bad this might not be the place to be so that is why i was looking around rockmart or jasper.What are your thoughts? Any positive comments or suggestions are very much welcome.

  4. sirrena

    I am very new to this as well but i think this is the way most of us need to go. You can email me at jelaniasim at yahoo dot com and hopefully that goes through. We are living in the last days folks and yes like minded people as well as Godly people no matter what color you are should truly stick together. I have guard dogs so the land will be secured but only have two so far. I am looking very soon in the next 50 days to go off grid and it would be nice to have like minded people around me. I will not go into too many details now but you can ask me.

  5. Amanda

    Hello, my name is Amanda and I live about 2 hours away, I think. I’m in Habersham county, and I just bought my house last year. 5 acres, 3 are pasture and 2 are forest. My first priority was food, I have 2 flocks, one duck and one chicken. Now I’m working on an aquaponics tank for my gardening and a nice supply of fish. I’d love solar energy, but it costs so much, how did you do it? I’m planning on getting a solar pannel to power my heat lamps for the poultry and to power my pump for the auqaponics. That’s about as far as I’ve come in my research, I just really need help with guidance and a direction to go.
    Thank You,

  6. Teresa Love

    I am in Canton, Katrina refugee and relocatee and dedicated to self reliance. If any of you would like to get together, let me know. I am working on building a business plan for a 60 acre parcel of land on Ga/SC state line undeveloped. I have lots of plans for it…need investors. Trout farm, long house, apple orchard already in place, wildlife sanctuary, organic garden, eldercare facility all off grid.
    251-four 0 four- o four one seven

  7. Richard

    Also Kenny i need some info on going solar on my land any help would be great ty

  8. Richard

    Kenny or dejavu i’m in ellijay pickens gilmer line wanta talk “off grid call anytime 706-273-0308

  9. Ray Johns

    Hi. My husband and I are looking for such an opportunity. We’re finishing our AS degrees this summer then we’ll be home free. I work on an organic farm and we grow some organic vegetables right now. Have just a little orchard experience and am a very hard worker. (Have a lot left to learn too.) Know how to make all kinds of dairy products. My husband can operate a tractor with implements and has some plumbing/electrical skills. We’re building our own solar panel right now. We are not sure whether we want to homestead in a tight-knit town or join a community. We just want to be able to have a dairy cow or a few dairy goats eventually, also layer chickens and garden. We were thinking we’d go the straw-bale route for housing but are flexible on that. Husband is very interested in biomass burners and we want to do a rocket stove, also a wind turbine later. I’m a pescetarian and husband is very low volume meat consumption and no pork. We are constantly moving more toward sustainability and maintain a blog about it as well. We DO plan to have children but have none yet. Let us know if this could be a possible fit and we would like photos. We are located in south AL.

  10. kenny

    I live in Jasper and run a lot of my home off of solar. If you seek advice etc you can contact me.