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I am a single 44 year old guy with an SUV, 6 man tent, 15X15 foot screen enclosure, grill, cooler, and some minor misc. items I need to tent camp. I am being drowned by this rat race, and desperately want to go off grid living. I have a very small income from online college classes, and can’t afford to buy a piece of property to get started. I am desperately looking for some help. I wouldn’t mind traveling to get where I need to go as long as it doesn’t cost me too much to get there. I can’t seem to get ahead and get any money saved until I can get off the grid, so if you can help, please contact me at robstileservice74@gmail.com. Thanks

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4 Responses to “Desperate to go off grid, but need help!”

  1. Connie

    I have 8.29 acres in southern Missouri. Off grid, just starting out. Have the essentials, but need some MAN power. In my 50’s, retired trucker…no not obese either.

  2. Carl

    I’m offering you a opportunity. , To go off grid. I’m a senior citizen, and have no really family. I live off grid . It would be nice to have some company with the same interests. I’m a veteran, and need help to build a small cabin, and enjoy life while I can. I’m still in good health, and still do my part. So if your interested, get back with me, and we will talk some more