[before_listing id=318 images= youtube=null] My wife and I are architects & are currently designing our off grid home and writing a book about the process. We are also working with a few clients to help them make good choices in off grid and hybrid homes, and are always looking to help others.

We are looking for 10-40 acres in Cass CO. MO or Johnson/Miami CO. KS for our farmstead. We would love to rescue a farm from developers and we would be doing small scale vegetable farming and a little bit of livestock. [landbuddy_listing id=318 youtube=null]

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9 Responses to “Design and build Help”

  1. Kye

    Hello, I’m Kye. Do you have any advice on where the first step may be? No money and no where to go. But a strong spirit, fast learner, and helping hand.

  2. cneu

    I am a contractor in the wichita area interested in building these types of homes. Would love to see what your doing.

  3. Red Water Acres

    Jana28…are you still looking? Contact us at redwateracres@yahoo.com for more info. Doug

  4. jana28

    I need advice how to start from scratch with no money. I am married by my hubby doesn’t want to pursue my dreams of coming out of Babylon , or so it seems. He considers it being homeless . I have been seeking the truth and I feel that I can help people but I do not know anyone in the physical that has the same desires. I am earnestly seeking the truth , the way and the life.

  5. Jennifer

    I am off the grid in Georgia and Italy. Both projects took about 2yrs total to complete. Although, my off the grid situation is truly off the grid, no gas or electric. Given the need for timber and good water supply to do this sufficiently might I suggest you stick with CO.. watch your fault line areas. Elevation is important and if you can dig out a basement even better. I would suggest earth berm for efficiency. Our home in Italy is 1 meter thick lime stone and the back side is earth, this provides amazing insulation and also geo-thermal capabilities. As for power, well you know consumption is the major issue. We only eat veggies, so no need for a fridge, but that basement or cellar comes in handy for storing food etc. Good luck.

  6. detour

    my name is Dorn I’ve been traveling the country via freight train for 4 years. I am looking for a spot to build a hobbit hole, grow crops, raise goats, and live the rest of my life for a while. I have alot of gardening/farming experience and want to get off the road. Im 19 and just want to find the like minded people I havent been able to find on the road. As of now have no money but that changes quick when it needs to. I would like to meet you guys and will be on the west coast this summer. please email me.

  7. Andrew Dickson

    No, but for residential work, it’s not always required, and if so, a local architect can stamp for a small fee.

  8. Al

    I would suggest the earth bag homes. Check on YouTube. Propheticseer has bags at about half normal price! You can use the latest “mesh” bags for straight walls, and then the poly bags for domes. Check the Hobbit houses! Therefore no extra roof expenses! I’m at Plahrman@hotmail.com. Goodluck!

  9. TJ Reann

    Any chance you are licensed in FL?