[before_listing images= youtube=null] Bent-Borders Collective is in SE Arizona.6 acres of off grid desert land is 20 miles from Mexico and 15 miles from artist/liberal town of Bisbee Arizona.
B-B-C (Bent-Borders-Collective) is looking for partners who are artists, farmers and dreamers who love the desert and desire to live off grid ranch.
terms for space are based on your needs and skills you have to offer .
I\’m looking for single folks with no children or animals. The space is in the beginning stages of development which isn’t ready for younger kids or animals.
Couples are case by case.
The space is liberal/lefftttt regarding world views.
The space would work for single off grid left person who wants to live free, grow food and make art. Do you like or want to
Learn to Raising chickens and collecting homegrown herbs and eggs.
DIY/queer friendly

Daily Dharam Punx meditation is practiced daily.
Interested? Email BBC

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15 Responses to “Desert off grid ranch/artist collective”

  1. thunderkass04

    Hi! I am very interested in learning more about your land. I am in the process of looking for the right place to start up my off grid life. Grew up riding horses, farming, and camping in central Utah. Living in Salt Lake currently and am very artistic, painting, music etc. Please email me and we can chat more to see if it is a good fit! :) thunderkass04@gmail.com

  2. John_Conner

    I have experience living in a community such as this, they weren’t off the grid but had the want to. I am a hard worker and I served 5 years in the Army as Infantry. I am currently in college, but I do it online so if I have an internet connection or a cell phone signal I can get it done. I am also learning to program and will be advanced enough in that to start doing freelance jobs over the internet for income, I am also an experienced graphics designer with about 8-10 years experience in Illustrator, Photoshop, 3DS MAX, Maya, and more. Those are more or less just things I do in my downtime and skills that could be put to good use if you were wanting a website designed I could do it. Aside from that I have experience stick wielding, learned in a shipyard where we built huge barges for transporting Oil and other dangerous Chemicals so if they are good enough to hold under tons of pressure they can’t be too bad. If your interested contact me at johnseditio@gmail.com

  3. annieb

    Love the concept of an artists community. I have land very nearby, SW of Tucson, and I am starting to get things set up for part time off the grid living. Would like to see how you have outfitted your property to get some ideas about shelters, energy sources, water sources, food, etc. Please contact me if it’s possible to meet up and share. I am in Tucson for the month of April, hope to meet up before the end of this month. Thanks!

  4. Robert

    Hi I’m sorry could you please resend the email that you sent me? Unfortunately someone else who had my account information deleted my emails. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  5. Robert

    Hello, I am an extremely relaxed person although I am hard working as well. I am 19 years old and currently a college student. I have always desired to live off the grid and I have just recently began considering this as a life plan instead of just an interest. I am very strong and can help with heavy lifting. People have told me that I am a talented artist and my styles are very versatile. I am willing to provide pictures of my work as evidence. I will admit that I do not know much about living off of the grid, however, I am an extremely fast learner and I am a problem solver. My family has an extensive academic background and I am known as a philosophical scholar among my relatives. Please email me with information on this community. I would like to have a discussion about the possibility of me joining you if you are still looking for people. Thank you
    Best regards,

  6. King Raah Ben Yahweh

    I have a masters in commercial arts computer. Graphic, I’m a Hebrew Israelite. And would love to live off the grid and Learn to live off the land like our ancestors did please. Allow me this opportunity to live free!!

  7. Lauren

    hey there!

    I’m a 23yr old artist/art teacher/administrator for a community center currently living in the Canadian Maritimes. I am interested in joining you!! I’ve been working on my own landshare project set for Ecuador this time next year, but having trouble finding solid partners to buy land with. I’m a very open and positive girl with an old soul! I have great contacts being friends who have built earthships and an electrician willing to do free solar setup. I myself am a hard worker, smart thinker, artist and designer(I feel creativity and beauty bring a lot to the table as far as enjoyable community life) and have experience teaching/caring for children, if there is/are plans for a school or center. I also have a deep knowledge of food and nutrition and practice fermenting and other means of food preservation and am a fantastic cook. I love animals. I knit, and am handy with building. I’m proactive and great at promoting and fundraising. I have had issues with my health lately, and know that finding a happy and healthy sustainable community would give me the opportunity to heal from chemical sensitivities and autoimmune issues from modern north american life. I have a lot to offer and want to help others create and sustain a healthy way of life, and get the opportunity to heal myself. Cheers !!!

  8. devlyin

    if you are still planning this please send me some info



    I have 20 acres now, and was wondering if any of you have found a place to go, for you in the Big Bend / Terlingua TX area

    I am also looking to get another 20+ ac location, to raise catfish to offer the residents on the ranch, and even open a restaurant with the fresh catfish and other fish from the aquatics farming endeavor i wish to set up

    could use a good hand or two, at the setting up a new adventure in fish farming

    Let me know what’s up



    (432) 244-9120 # out at the ranch area

    the skype is


    see you soon on skype I hope

  10. Steven


    Regarding as you can reach me at stevenmserrano@gmail.com

  11. Sara Martin

    Greetings! At one time you were offering a rental. Still renting something? Let me know… Sara

  12. saquui

    What’s your contact information?

  13. Jessica

    Sounds really cool. Please email me: Jl0fb@yahoo.com

  14. rob siddall

    Sounds really cool. My girlfriend and i have been working and living on Wwoof Farms all summer and love doing that kind of work and helping to prepare land for self-sufficiant living. We’re on our way to Eugene to stay on a property and help build it up, but would love to learn more about whats going on down there and keep in contact. Cheers.
    Rob and Sara

  15. erich

    hey i would gladdy join you . give me your email so we can talk?