[before_listing id=194 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/34fba836c4c992df9cf5473c1dcfdb8d.jpg youtube=null] I live on 97 acres off the grid in a SIP house, 780W of PV, 2 diesel generators, hydro power in progress. I’m willing to provide information and share my experiences with others who want to go off the grid. [landbuddy_listing id=194 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/34fba836c4c992df9cf5473c1dcfdb8d.jpg youtube=null]

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31 Responses to “Darkling”

  1. Tom Beckett

    Professional Corp Exec, contractor and business developer looking to get out of the Corp grind! Would love to hear more about your community.

  2. PrettyYvonne

    Hey there, are you still looking for others to join you? I’d like to speak with you about possibly making a home off grid and joining your community. Please email me if you are looking for good people.
    Yvonne.Candelaria@ gmail.com
    2 adults and 3 dogs. Willing to pay a year ( rent) upfront by March 2017.
    That’s when I’m going to be ready to get out of this city life!
    I look forward to Hearing back from you soon.

  3. tsmulugeta

    I would also like to see what it’s like to go off the grid. Please let me know how I can come visit

  4. Sandy444

    I would like to discuss possibilities. I am looking in the areas as well.. Please keep me posted.

  5. Kayla Krohn

    Hello! I recently came across your blog/ post about living off the grid. My email today is not asking to join your community but to spend a day out there and seeing what it is like. I’m a Photographer by hobby, Living off the grid would be my ideal life. Currently we are living near Fairfield Ca. Let me know if this is something I could do.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Take care!

  6. Nick B

    I’m in the Carmichael/Sacramento metro area (Seattle transplant) and I’m looking to get away from the city and go off-grid in the near future. Your homestead sounds amazing and I love the area. Please E-mail at barkern89@gmail.com if you’re still looking for like-minded people to join you. Thanks and take care! -Nick

  7. norcalll

    SHoot me an email or a call. Im in the roseville area looking to go off grid in the next year or so and need some information. would love to link up, let me know. b, boorad1@icloud.com

  8. Nick

    Jedon – I see this was posted in 2010, do you have any updates? How are things going on the property currently?

    I have a small group of people(8-14) interested in doing something like this. We don’t have land and we are trying to organize and get things rolling. We’d love to come check out your operation or come help build in trade for some lessons/learning. Please email me at your earliest convenience…..we are eager to get started!

  9. Doug

    Looking for a place for friend that is suffering physical ailments due to exposure to EMF.
    Not being connected to power will help out.
    If you have a room for someone that will pay rent and help out around the grounds please let me know.

  10. dkcorreia

    Do you have chickens and goats? We are looking all around placer county for a few acres to live a sustainable lifestyle. We have so many questions. We want to pick the right spot to live this way and not have any city regulations in the way. We are doing alot of research but it would help to have someone to ask. Thanks, Denise

  11. Charles

    Hello, are you still looking for people to join you. I have a few skills that would be helpful and I am very hard working. Have a great day.

  12. darly

    I would like to come help….I need to bring 2 Arabs And border mix dog….all are exceptional. I am a Jill of all trades…know how to work, cook, sew, build, etc. semi-retired. I own a little organic style house amongst big newly built ones. I have to commute to see my horses. Hope to hear from you.
    Thanks, Darly

  13. Patrick

    Hi there, I wonder if you still check this? Anyway, I’m a cycle tourist with a huge interest in off the grid living and would love to check out your place/work trade for a few days on my upcoming tour. Just curious if that’s a possibility and how to contact you.

  14. Iska

    After 3 years from the original post, I’m wondering how it’s going?

  15. Randi Baker

    interested in living in a more holistic way.
    please email

  16. Karen Bruno

    Are you still looking for people to join you?

  17. nat

    I would like to live off the grid in nor cal, I currently live in Plumas county. I pay high rent and utilities and have kids who need to go to school. I don’t want to live too far from any town with a good school system. I want to own cheap small property with access to snow removal. If I cant get my kids to school in the morning I have to keep living this high priced life. I want to build an off the grid home, little by little with the penny s I have left after living ATM. Any suggestions? Not to mention I DO NOT have good credit, after foreclosure. And WILL NOT go back into debt to anyone ever again. I am willing to put hard work into someone else s property for a piece of land I can build on and own for myself!!! I can do any kind of work if shown how. And I have an enough motivation to own and build my own home! PS I am a woman. And I want to live near people who don’t use drugs or commit crimes. I have little to no cash but two hard working hands and determination by the truck load. I am also very good at landscaping and driving nails, and I am a child of a family of construction workers, cabinet makers and have learned by watching. If you have ideas or prices of cheap land with little or no building codes and snow removal, email me Nappyhug@rocketmail.com

  18. paul bryan

    business owner, landscaper, gardener, farmer, college degree, builder, hard worker, native to california north and rivers and mountains, hunting, etc..fishing, wife and 2 kids, want to move and settle, work hard to live simply, email or call, have cash to bring with also and equipment!

  19. Jay

    Hey Jedon,

    I am wondering are you still looking for people to come and join you ? I would be very interested in calling up there for a weekend to meet you and see could we work something out ?

    Can you please message me so we can talk about it ?

  20. kiim stavrum

    I also forgot to ask if you want people to join your area?

  21. kiim stavrum

    Is there any land for sale or lease near your area?

  22. Ezra

    I would like to offer my assistance in the near future. Im in the middle of building a self sustaining mobile kitchen that is going to run off of a bio-electric engine and Solar/wind power. Its going to be called the “Go Green Road Show” and will be traveling the West coast selling local if not Organic foods and spreading the word on how easy and affordable a sustainable life actually is at festivals and in daily life at home. There will be 1 solar powered generator and a wind powered generator ta boot also. Please contact me before I leave the Midwest in late July next summer. It would be a seasonall stay for about 4-5 months each winter. Thanks for your time – Ezra Behrends

  23. Jedon

    Living off grid I equate to getting a dog. It is another responsibility that has some costs and some hassle and sometimes something goes wrong and you have to pay the vet/mechanic or learn to do it yourself. Requires daily attention like food/fuel, walks/oil changes etc. I’m about to put in the penstock for the hydro, not as glamorous as it seems since it’s just laying 600ft of 3″ schedule 40 PVC in rough terrain.

  24. Amy4NRA

    I’m in Southern Calif, and i want to go off the grid, but NOT here…..this is not the place to be WTSHTF…..are you looking for people to join you?

  25. Clay

    I design and build self-sustaining homes. I would like to learn more about your area, for Nevada County is a wonderful area.

  26. dbv

    Would love more info

  27. pincushion

    Do you need help or could i help in any way and learn from the instalation of your hydro power? I’ve been wanting to learn more but have little to no money and was advised to see if i could help others and learn in the process.

  28. david

    hello I have been caretaking a remote norcal property that is 40 acres with an A- frame cabin no neighbors, in plumas county

  29. Lyall Abbott

    Where are you located? I live in Ca. I want to get out of the city. I like living out in the country many time over the city. However I am going through some personal problems that have to be cleared up first.
    If you could please leave me your contact information email etc. I would leave it here, but not sure about that. first and last name at g mail dot com.

  30. Jedon

    Did the fire pass it by? If it’s undeveloped make sure you can develop it like a place for a septic system and a well etc. Also be sure there are no easement issues so you can get to it.

  31. Linda G

    What a coincedant ,I am going to look at a property near the town of Oregon House next Monday,I am so ready to set up an off grid home and probably could use all the help I can get!