Dancing Goat Farm Labor for Lessons

Rockingham County, NC. Looking for people who live close to me who would like to learn about sustainable living, organic gardening, building a cob oven and rocket stove, canning, making cheese, goats, chickens, ducks and how to transform a 1/2 acre into a permaculture paradise, while they are waiting to make their move off grid. There is a learning curve to all of these skills. It’s always better to have some of them before you make your jump.


I’m not fully off grid yet. I heat with wood and the new 30′ x 32′ greenhouse will be heated with a rocket stove come winter. I’m still lusting after my solar set up. Reclaiming the old farmhouse well is still a work in progress at Dancing Goat Farm. One of the former owners thought filling it in with dirt and booze bottles was a good idea.


Oak pallets are much heavier at 62 than they were at 55. Some things I can’t pick up by myself like the chicken house. (It’s tipping over because the bunnies thought underneath it was a good place to dig tunnels.) I need help! If you want to learn, get your hands dirty, plant a row of your own vegetables this year give me a shout. I planted 8 fruit trees this month. 4 more are on their way. The concord grapes are in but not the white and champagne. The avocados, pomegranates, figs and olive trees have to be planted in the greenhouse. In May the lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, coffee, cinnamon and banana trees have to be moved to the greenhouse. The two clawfoot tubs have to be moved to the greenhouse because after a long day on the farm nothing is sweeter than enjoying a glass of wine while soaking under the stars.

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5 Responses to “Dancing Goat Farm – Labor for Lessons”

  1. JKEY

    Hi, still need help? jkey7777@yahoo.com 36 male Jason.

  2. Thom

    I have a 5th wheel mostly off grid solar powered, two dogs, not looking for a relationship but looking for a small farm to plant crops and work for my rent. I design solar packages for rv’s and small homes. I am still strong, 67 years old, Navy/Marine vet, former weapons instructor and general contractor, living in Bryson City, NC for the past 5 months.

  3. Dovely

    I’m not sure why this is showing up now. This was written and submitted on March 16, 2016. Some things have changed since last year. Gearing up to sell at the Farmers Market this year. I am still looking to hear from others in my area, as I said….. I need help! If you want to learn, get your hands dirty, plant a row of your own vegetables this year give me a shout. Tubby Tiger I am not looking for a companion/dog.

  4. Tubby Tiger

    I’d love to be your companion/dog throughout this journey of
    yours. Please, email me at (Tigerbellyrubs@gmail.com)
    if you’re interested and to receive more details about me.