we are a family who would like to buy/build an off the grid home, preferably
near water… we have much to learn and would appreciate the best ways to learn and
make this happen.. we are hard working and intelligent but need to know how to start the
process and which mistakes to avoid… we appreciate all feedback and help.

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2 Responses to “crusoe family”

  1. elnav

    The map puts you near chicago. several years ago a government funded study and pilot project in Wisconsin and Illinois demonstrated how manure from cows and pigs was used to generate methane gas that in turn provided fuel for generators and even farm vehicles. Some of these project operations became self sufficient and they even produced surplus power they could sell back to the utility. Google ‘Methane Digesters’ for lots of information including the university studies I mentioned. Real useful if you plan to include livestock in your off grid plans. Apparently chicken manure is among the best producer of methane.

  2. elnav

    For some real down to earth commentary look at http://www.genverters.com This is a website from a family in Washinton state who started ten years ago with two small children who are now teenagers and they are still happily living off grid . Marshall has posted advice on everything ranging on how to cope with muddy trails 4 mile out to real roads, to how to deal with drinking water, heat, house construction wells and cooking. Their daughter is now posting her own blogs on raising chickens .
    If you are mechnaically inclined there is another forum called micro cogen dealing specifically with how to heat a house with waste heat from a generator that is producing electrical power. There is one forum member who heats his house by running the genset only a couple of hours per day. He stores the heat in large water tanks and the electrical power is stored in batteries that power an inverter the rest of the time.

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