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Sophia - Queen of Permaculture
Sophia Novack is creating a huge, Open Source Permaculture dictionary and a free Urban Permaculture Guide eBook. She has crowd-funded the project on Indiegogo

Now her vision is to create a comprehensive online resource with information flowing in from around the world, so anyone wanting to create more sustainability in their community can have the resources at their fingertips.

Permaculture is a visionary design methodology for creating sustainable, and thriving livelihoods, from ecological farms to urban landscapes. It is a promising path to creating sustainable communities, founded on a system of ethics emphasizing the importance of shared values among people. Permaculture ethics embrace care for the Earth, care for the people, and sharing the collective fruits of labor. As a gardening method, permaculture can also be called ‘natural farming’, as its techniques seek to emulate nature.

Sophie maintains the Permaculture Media Blog ( and Permaculture Directory (, one of the web’s most comprehensive and free resources for Permaculture educational materials and course listings.

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