[before_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/8a4dd3a49659ad72a337ec36fcb647df.jpg youtube=null] I am buying land to establish an off the grid community. One that would have equal, cooperative, friendly people working together to make a community that will be harmonious and beneficial to all. Times are getting tough, there’s no doubt about that, and soon there will be limits on things that everyone should have an equal right to such as food, water, or even a good “Free” wholesome life. I think that starting an off-the-grid community makes sense and is a right choice because not only will it make accomplishing feats much easier with cooperation but it will also eliminate isolation along with its negative effects. Plus, it will also make things more safe and will keep wild animals at a distance if they sense a lot of humans in an area. This off-the-grid plan is not a scam nor do you have to pay anything at all. I am Aboriginal and I live in Canada, Ontario. I will be starting this community soon and if you would like to know more please email me at tbcivilian@yahoo.ca [landbuddy_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/8a4dd3a49659ad72a337ec36fcb647df.jpg youtube=null]

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27 Responses to “Creating an off-grid community”

  1. Dannie

    Hello all…my family and I are doing the prep to go off grid. We don’t agree with the direction of society and feel that going off grid and becoming self sustaining and leaving the chaos of city life would be the best thing for us. We are looking for like minded people to start a community in AZ…we need ppl and individuals with various skills to make a community work. If your thinking about doing the same, please email us with your ideas, thoughts.

  2. Mark

    hi – i have an off grid farm in southern spanish mountains i want to sell to the right people.



  3. rleefireman

    My wife and I are looking for a small community. We are hard workers. This will be new to us but we hope to make new friends

  4. Keats

    I’m in let me know where to sign up

  5. jeffrey

    Quite a list of potential off-gridders going here. Thought I’d pipe in…@ 53, I’ve lived 1/3 of my life in community, most of that off-grid (part of the farm was connected to the utilities). I make my living in renewable energy installations and conservation and have seen my share of off-grid living that is an easy flow and that which is a “hard row to how”. Resources are paramount…running water for hydro electricity and gravity flow garden/drinking is key. I’m currently on grid watching society consume itself and looking for a graceful way off the merry go round. Curious about the process here….
    PS…communication dynamics that everybody agrees to heart and soul is, in my experience, the make or break aspect of a thriving community.

  6. Lorelei

    I would love to go off grid. Is there any plans for else where in Canada?

  7. patricia

    are there any existing off the grid communities in the united States? I am in new jersey.
    Has anyone joined the nationallibertyalliance.org yet? 70 yr old woman

  8. james preston

    i am a single male.i have very strong baliefs in things like loyalty and doing on to others like i would like done to me,for some reason the world dose not share in my beliefs and i dont fit in very well,,,,,im 43 and for what ever reason i just cant make real life work for me,well real life as society thinks it should be,,,,,im inteligent and no dummy,ive got lots of tallents and like shareing my knowledge as well as pick up what ever i can along the way,”fast learner” im looking to drop out of this crazy world and be alone in the wild but not compleatly alone,,,,,im just a quiet person that would wrather think and watch wrather than speek if that makes sence? at any rate i dont have much in the way of saplies but am aquiering the things i think i will nead to survive,,,,,,my bigges concern is being compleatly alone out thare beings i dont have alot of hunting experiance as far as presurving meet or what types of vegatation is edable….i would nead gidence in those areAS BUT NOT LOOKING FOR HAND OUTS,I CAN TRADE the talence ive aquierd over the years like carpetry and things of that nature,,,,,i dont know if any one is willing to help me out in turn for my help but i defanetly nead some. truth of the matter is im dropping off the grid regardless but again i would much wrather learn the ways of survivale from some one like your selfs instead of learning the hard way,,,,allthough it seems the hard way is the only way i know,,,,lol,,,thanks every one and hope to hear from ya……

  9. Kathleen Trmblw

    Want to join a community that eats raw home grown fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Prefer the south east but will go elsewhere, want to be off the grid to live more like the Amish. Don’t trust these websites, Don’t have a bunch of money for a down payment fee for this either. ktrimble@rocketmail.com

  10. David Read

    I am 41 my wife is 42 our last child graduates this year. We have been prepping for off grid living for three years i have 25 years in building almost anything you can think of car houses buildings barns welding fab. Hunt fish and survivalist of sorts .I have layouts for aguaponics solar and wind.I have alot saved over the last three years of buying off grid necessities i have tools for many of the trades i have more than the ability to carry out.we have been thinking of off grid communitys please let us know more .Mr. andMrs. David Read.covhmrepairs@yahoo.com

  11. mike

    and oh ya Id really appreciate talking with others that are interested in this kind of life ..cnm_eng@yahoo.com.. mike

  12. mike

    im ready .. carpenter/eng. 47 at my bestwhen im out of the grips of the American dream…I would appreciate being appreciated and give up this rat race ..(because im not a rat) just waiting on the right sisuation to grab me and my talents..im going to be a valuable part of something somewhere ..Ontario is close enough for my and I to see each other

  13. Adam


    I would like more information, if it is available. As to your ideas toward the community. How off the grid, are you planning to be? How self sustainable? I am prior U.S. Army, survivalist as a hobby. I.am.jacks.smile@Gmail.com, to whoever writes have “off grid ” in subject or it wont clear the email.

    Thank you.

  14. Jay

    I’m 41 yo married male will need 3 yrs to get the last kid into college. I’m retired military already receiving my pension, plus a few more dollars. I have extensive experience in welding, plumbing, carpenter, tile etc. this will not be free to live off the grid it will cost some and start up will be more than maintaining. My concerns are the extremes………… I don’t want to live like a complete hippy, religious extremist, vegateran, or run a homeless shelter. I still want all the privatecy I desire. However pooling resorses and skills with like minded people living in a community such as this would be wonderful. And having common areas to cook and enjoy one another as much or little as you desire. No violence and neighbors helping neighbors, no rat race of perfect cars, cloths, houses, taxes, 9-5 five days a week has always ended in 6 days a week and 70 hrs for me chasing that dollar & dream. We need to work to live………..not live to work. I’m in

  15. dave

    iam 51 years old and also tired of the direction the world is heading,i would love to know about living off grid,i am excited of the thought of this way of life.i can do pretty much anything i set my mind too,just dont know where to start.thanks for any info.

  16. Hugo

    “the greed of men will be far away from me, my soul will be free, they won’t go where I’ll go, where I’ve longed to go so long away from tears” – Stevie Wonder
    “Who will provide the Grand Design / what is yours and what is mine / ’cause there’s no more new frontiers / we have got to make it here / we satisfy our endless needs and justify our bloody deeds / in the name of Destiny and in the name of God” The Last Resort – Don Henley’s opus!
    – Nice to meet you my friends!

  17. Niall

    Going to get off the grid here in ireland.

  18. Andre

    Hello all
    Im a 38 years old man who been in the construction business for the last 15 years or so,and tired to see what is being built or how much money i got……i see so much waiste everyday to brake my hearth!I’ve been thinking for so long to be off the system because i dont beleve in it anymore i lost faith…. So let me know if you need someone who is not afraid to get his hand dirty…..just as a suggestion for the climate of canada have you ever thought of an earthship,open for anything ,I already have my composting toilet
    Hope hearing from you

  19. Conor_color

    Brad77, you sound like you were describing myself as well. I can relate very much. I’m a 20/y old male with a very go-getter attitude and I have a lot of qualifications in the fitness field. Nutritional and exercise studies is a better way to put it. I lived life as a government puppet for a long time. I always felt disconnected from others my age because I felt that the way our society is headed is not the right way. I always believed less is more. I was made to work at a very young age and I have very well developed work ethic. Others have told me that my energy and enthusiasm regardless of the situation has helped give them motivation and a better sense of well-being/optimism. I’m extremely good with my hands and I learn extremely quickly. I’m a fast-thinker and work well in a team. Being a part of a off-grid community has been a long dream of mine. I study medicinal herbs, survival skills, and like-things in my spare time when I’m not working. I’m also very fit and physically adept at most things involving physical effort. Most likely, I’d prove to be a proficient workman in the community. I long for this kind of thing. I never needed much to be happy. If this is an ongoing project please contact me!! Kpassler2001@yahoo.com

  20. Sheryl

    My husband and I have both been interested in this kind of thing for a very long time. I am American, my husband is Canadian. We are currently living in San Diego, CA. We both feel we would have much to offer in a supportive, caring community not based in corporate greed and power. We have family in Vancouver, B.C., and travel would be easy for us. Please respond with details…

  21. Mack

    I’m in. I’ve exceptional project management and planning skills. How do we get started? Is there a plan? A timeline? If not, I can help. s@vpd.me

  22. Trey Carson


    I am a 23 year old Veterinary Assistant from Dallas Texas. I came across your page after doing some research about off grid living and communities. I was interested to find out if you were in fact a community or just an individual who decided to live off grid. I have been wanting to do this for roughly two years now and each day that passes the more and more I become anxious to put my thoughts and feelings into action. The only thing holding me back is that I don’t want to just leave Dallas and go without knowing my destination which is why I am researching to find others who live an off grid lifestyle but in a community setting. I am a very loving passionate caring individual and I am very intelligent for my age. I have been through a lot over my life time with family issues to family losses and things of that nature. I am very free spirited and I do not feel like the city is where my true home nor calling is. I want to be self sufficient and one with nature and I want to surround myself with positively and compassion that others share. Please let me know if in fact you are an off grid community and how I can possibly get in touch with you further. If not maybe you have insight on other areas that offer this lifestyle. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Thank you & God Bless!


  23. Brad77

    Hello everyone, New to this site and very happy i found it. Im 35yr En/French Canadian Male and Im looking to leave behind the chains of what everyone calls life. I have not had what you would call an easy go in my life and as of lately i have had enough time alone to look at myself and life and i can see im not happy trying to keep up with the rat race for what. everyone today is so worried about nothing that really seems to matter about anything its so sad and disappointing I know i was like that for a time….The world is getting further away from whats important and i want to be ready and away from it all. Im not saying i want to live in a tent 1000 miles from a store but I would be very interested in joining or help to build an off the grid community/village of sorts. Im non religious but not aganist any sort just have my own beliefs. My background is alot of computer tech work…i also work good with my hands building, have done lots of hard labour work not shy of a long day. I do have some outdoors exp i spent a Northren Canadian winter in a ice hut and eat alot of fish :)
    but was by far not the right set up for a long period of time. I hope to find this I know its/you are out there too. This is not a decision i made over night its been years in mind and lately trying to do as much research as i can thats how i came across this site. I dont have much when it comes to money which has been hard and is something else that would feel great to lose that chain. There is much more to talk about this is my email anon5419@hushmail.com they say hope so i hope the right eyes find this message. Enjoy life..learn from it…less is more. Thanks.

  24. Willow

    I think that is such a good idea and I dearly wish I was able to do the same thing!

  25. Alex

    This is a very good idea! The Economical system that the government has create won’t last anymore, and we are expecting very difficult times from now on, a self sustainable community is perfect!

  26. Rod

    I am extremely interested in this life style change and would love to be part of a community.

  27. Deltagbear

    I am interested in off the grid community lifestyle.