We are a normal couple with no complications. Our beliefs are our own and forced on no one. We are straight forward thinkers. We can travel and adapt.

We are done with this modern system. We are ready to commit to a new beginning. Hard working, discreet, willing to compromise. We have a means, we just need a way.

For whom do we pledge our banner? Location preferred to be rural as we intend to get back to our roots and build a future close to our ancestors.

Forgive the image, but it will not let us post without an image, but it doesn’t say what the image should be of?

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6 Responses to “Couple ready to leave.. tell us where to go”

  1. Xaloc

    Hello, you can check out the post I made here https://www.off-grid.net/homestead-community/ in case you want to be in touch

  2. Misty

    Hello. I hope you find what you are seeking. We are are ready to move off the grid by boat here in a moth or so. We are a family of 5 in bc canada. Looking to find a hiding spot and live the way our for Father’s did off the land. It a scary step to just leave everything behind and make the leap. I have 20 years experience living off the grid 15 of which where before computers and cell phones and off the grid power.

  3. Julia Desouza

    I tried to reply directly but it wouldn’t go through!

    We live on the Gaspesie peninsula in Eastern Canada on twelve acres of wilderness deep off-grid and would like to share it w a few couples or families. We are in our early fifties, fit, and knowledgeable but weary of moving forward alone. We have lived here for thirteen years and have a deep attachment to the land but are non-ideological. Please contact us at gosselinserge552@gmail.com if you aren’t already in Italy! And, yes, any others who are interested may contact us as well.

  4. Florentina Rennix

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  5. Gianfranco

    We are an older couple who live in the U.K. but we have a homestead in S.Italy 1.5km to a village.
    We have two houses and a barn on 7ha plot. You could have one house (at present off the grid) and keep farming or teach English on line or look for work in the area. Write to marilynandgianfranco@hotmail.com for more info, or tell a friend

  6. Gianfranco

    Off the grid. House and barn in S.Italy, 1.5 km to a village.
    On 7ha you can have your own horses, dogs, chickens ….
    You could be farming or teach English on line or find work in the area. We just need to see the homestead neat and clean.
    Write to marilynandgianfranco@hotmail.com for more info.
    Or pass it on to a friend