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Hi me and my girlfriend are looking to go off the grid we are young technical minded people i am currently a civil engineer and my partner is an accountant.  Are views are simple…..to get out of this 9-5 that has been created!

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4 Responses to “Couple looking to go off the grid”

  1. Philip

    Me and my partner of 26 years are so tired of paying bills for a living we just want a mobile home in the woods and live out our lives in peace and be free and happy

  2. vilson

    example off grid house

  3. BobbyKorona

    Have some acreage in Florida …… will talk to anybody that wants to go off grid…. take a working 2 week vacation to test your skills …. will give you access to a small plot of land ….. before you take the plunge …. if you are local and want to commute ,,,,, try to build a pallet house ….. set up your wind system …. put in a small garden … construct a wood gas reactor ….. apprentice as a fish farmer …. this is raw land….. no nothing … contact me ..

  4. Zachary

    There is a lot of information that is needed to do this, especially to pair up with someone.
    I am looking to go 100% off grid within 2-3 years. I have plans and some money saved. Small group of 12 or less is ideal for me.
    Shoot me a message and we’ll talk, yeah? Forgottencall@gmail.com


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