[before_listing id=419 images= youtube=null] We are a couple, 19 and 22 years. He has gardening and construction experience, she less knowledgable but has the passion to learn and return to the earth. A live and let live attitude, non-judgemental, very peaceful. Looking to feed and heal the soul and contribute to a community of “our own”, love and help thy neighbor, unlike the city where you don’t tolerate or know them. Respectful of privacy while maintaining interaction. Eager to learn and share knowledge, skills, experience. We have both lived off-grid in our teenage years and know in our hearts it’s where we belong. One Love, breathe easy. The_road_not_Traveled@yahoo.com[landbuddy_listing id=419 youtube=null]

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2 Responses to “Couple for a Community”

  1. the_way_we_move

    Look up “intentional communities”, just do an internet search. Its a website that lists communities around the world, and there are even some in MI. Its the best place to start, and from there you just have to make the decision to go.

  2. Forgett_TheMoon

    I forgot to mention, we are looking to California, but are open to other opportunities and destinations. We also have little-to-no income to start from, as the job market is discerning here, and we are not of a university background. A community to help build is ideal, allowing us to find our place in a community and learn skills, hopefully in solar energies and eco-friendly housing, i adore the hobbit house structures, something with livestock to learn of maybe, but again, we are very open to opportunities. Thank you to everyone out there who reads/responds.