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So, I have always liked the idea of living off the grid. I guess most of us on this site have a similar feeling; the western world really hasn`t lived up to all its promises.

I want to buy a large piece of property in Costa Rica, and turn it into a sanctuary of sorts for people who are tired of their daily hum-drum lives. I would officially call it an adventure tourism destination, connecting tourists with locals who offer services such as skydiving, surfing, rock climbing, horse back riding, but I would work to introduce people to alternate living also. I would want to offer yoga classes, organic farming, healthy cooking classes, reiki, and various types of energy work. I am a certified life coach and energy worker. I am living in Halifax, Canada right now, but I am looking for like-minded people to help make my dream a reality. Getting the funding for the land and the start-up is my primary goal right now. Feel free to contact me at matteosoule@gmail.com[landbuddy_listing id=433 youtube=null]

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