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So, I have always liked the idea of living off the grid. I guess most of us on this site have a similar feeling; the western world really hasn`t lived up to all its promises.

I want to buy a large piece of property in Costa Rica, and turn it into a sanctuary of sorts for people who are tired of their daily hum-drum lives. I would officially call it an adventure tourism destination, connecting tourists with locals who offer services such as skydiving, surfing, rock climbing, horse back riding, but I would work to introduce people to alternate living also. I would want to offer yoga classes, organic farming, healthy cooking classes, reiki, and various types of energy work. I am a certified life coach and energy worker. I am living in Halifax, Canada right now, but I am looking for like-minded people to help make my dream a reality. Getting the funding for the land and the start-up is my primary goal right now. Feel free to contact me at matteosoule@gmail.com[landbuddy_listing id=433 youtube=null]

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9 Responses to “Costa Rica”

  1. Dr. S. Verdon

    Hello Tish Strothers,
    Look at http://www.CostaRicaLifestyle.info
    Good Luck.

  2. supersammy

    http://www.CostaRicaLifestyle.info offers Several Options

  3. Tish Strothers

    I’m looking for a sponsor to help me and my family relocate to get away from the chaos of America. Any links would be great! Thanks.

  4. Kim Star

    Are you still looking to move to Costa Rica? I am researching communities and off the grid living in Costa Rica. I live in LaHave, Nova Scotia!

  5. Patrick

    same thing here. going all out on the off grid living. have the investor but do not have the land yet. the wife and i are not going to do the tourism thing so much, though we are considering opening it up to students and individuals wanting to learn about sustainable living.

    i will be going to upeace for the first year and hopefully staying on to teach so we need to remain relatively close to ciudad colón (by close, i mean within an hour or two).

  6. sagi

    My wife and me are Moving to Costa Rica
    And I’m looking for people interested in lifestyle indicated here
    If you have 200K + to invest (land) you are welcome to
    Contact me sagi@saginyc.com

  7. Matt Banes

    I am selling a resort in Guanacaste, Costa Rica that could easily be transitioned into what you have in mind. If you are serious and have capital please email me with your contact details.

  8. Everett Janssen

    We are building a community with similar ideas in Manual Antonio, Costa Rica. The primary basis of our work is with the local wildlife. Visit our web site,blog, facebook and see if you would like to join us.