Hi dear off the grid friends,
We are Felipe (38) and Melina (36), we are a multi-cultural family from Costa Rica and Germany. We have 4 wonderful kids that we raise in 2 languages and attend the Waldorf School here in Germany. We are professional filmmakers and yoga teachers. We love free dive, meditation, music…and enjoy life.
Now we are leaving Germany and we are moving to Costa Rica!!!! Yes!! To a property we purchased some years ago close to some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica (Puerto Viejo, Cocles, Punta Uva, Manzanillo) and surrounded by a National Park.
We want to share (sell) part of our land with 3 similar minded families who would like to create a small off the grid or semi off the grid community or neighborhood with us. We are willing to sell a minimum of 1 hectare to each family right next to us. Or if one family wants to go big as us, we will be happy to give 3 hectares to one family.
Our land is around 11 hectares. About 10%  of the land has access to the public electric supply. The rest is completely off the grid with secondary tropical forest.
Last year we began planting a food forest with our own hands. Now cacao, avocados, bananas, vanilla, papaya, mangoes, jackfruits, starfruit, oranges…and more than 50 other fruit trees are growing and beginning to produce food!
We are moving in March 2020 from Düsseldorf to Costa Rica. Our plan is to create a Permaculture Farm able to produce it’s own food, water and energy. At first we are going to Homeschool our kids under the Waldorf System and afterwards check the schools of the region.
Something really cool is the fact that In the close villages (Puerto Viejo, Cocles, Punta Uva) lives people from more than 70 different countries. Many international families who lives here are also home schooling their kids and now there is a school infrastructure available for all this families to meet, share knowledge and create.
We will continue our work as filmmakers, writing, editing and directing as well as teaching Yoga and Kundalini meditation. But we are going to focus most of our energy in building this wonderful paradise, raise our kids and give them our time and teach them to solve problems, love nature and care for others
Our property is 6 kilometers inland from the coast. Is a beautiful land protected by mountains and surrounded by forest.
We would love to create a family community of neighbors with the same ideas of us. We want to do this because we know that sharing different experiences and knowledge with others is the basis to create better human beings. And this is our wish for our kids and for us.
The Land we want to share (sell) is part of our land so you will be our next door neighbor. We won’t tell you what to do or not to do with your land but we will expect that the people who decide to come to live next to us have the same sense of integrity, love and passion for life and for the nature.
If you feel the call for this place. Please send us an email we would love to hear from you and have an initial conversation :)

Peace and Love

Felipe and Melina

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9 Responses to “Costa Rica – Family off the grid community”

  1. Jeff palazzolo

    I am not happy with this world …I want to be free off everthing …But I need help doing it …I have so much love to give but …To much hate around me ..please if you can help me I will me so thankful ..God bless..Ps sooner the better.

  2. Kasey

    Hi Felipe and Melina! Your plans and passion for the good, simple life are so inspiring! My young family is in the early stages of following a similar calling :) Wondering (and hoping!) if you guys made it back to Costa Rica in time before corona virus restrictions and limitations set in? Did you manage to find any like minded families to purchase a plot? Best Wishes! Kasey :)

  3. Reverend William Paul Strauss

    Id llove to commune with individuals such as yourself, so open minded and like-minded as myself!

  4. Gen Agustsson

    great start

    • Feli

      Thanks Gen! we appreciate that! We are really happy of finally moving to Costa Rica. We’ve been working hard the last 3 years, working, saving money and learning about permaculture, getting tips from people, watching related videos and reading articles and every stuff available.

      If you have any information or knowledge to share about off the grid living, please feel free to write us. We are exploring alternatives for gray waters systems, windmills, biodiesel, biochar and water harvesting.

      Cheers and wish you a great day!

      Felipe and Melina

      • Main

        Hello Felipe, Hello Melina. I think what y’all are doing is courageous and, morally huge. The last five years have been eye and mind opening for me. I realize the fashion in witch I have been spending my time was backwards. In the last 5 years I am more aware than ever before and also am aware that the city life is only getting increasingly violent and, sick.
        So, now I intend to enjoy life. Simply.
        On the land and, off the brand. I hope that y’all get to read this message. I’ll wait a little while give you some time to hopefully come across my message, then I’ll try to contact you folks back when my schedule and memory allow me to lol. Talk to you soon. Mahalo

        • Feli

          Hi Mahalo!

          Thanks for your insights. As humans as we are; we are still part of the nature, we just forgot to connect with our main source: The earth and the elements. As you said, we also believe that is necessary to be in contact with nature to keep a balance between the soul, the mind and the body. We are doing this for us and for our kids. It’s completely right to live in the city. But we cannot forget from where we are coming from: nature. For this reason our goal is to balance our life and move now to our land.

          Thanks for getting in contact Mahalo! I’m sure you are finding your balance too!

          Wish you a great day!


        • Main

          I’m awaiting to here something good 415-424-8459

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