[before_listing id=308 images= youtube=null] We will be moving to our place in the Chihuahuan Desert within the next year (north of Terlingua town) and living off grid. We hope to establish and/or contribute to a community effort for sustainability and self-reliance in the immediate area (Terlingua/Study Butte). Several people there are already successful in their endeavor of living off the grid and remotely from typical urban infrastructures. [landbuddy_listing id=308 youtube=null]

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8 Responses to “Cooperative effort for sustainability”

  1. CJ

    Hello all, I have 20 acres in Terilingua that I am paying off and I am also wanting any useful information on how to get off grid.

  2. william fick

    I am a single dad of 3 kids, I want my kids to grow up respecting mother earth and being in a safe community. My son and I are hard workers. My 2 daughters are great at field dressing. We are completely self sustainable. Is there room for us? Please let me know..fixcom4@yahoo.com

  3. Elvira Moon

    We already have 20-A 10 miles north of Terlingua, and I’m not really fond of aquaponics (prefer soil-based system). Several folks have gardens there, even year round – off- and on-grid. We will be moving down there October 1st; pulling the plug here in 2 weeks!

  4. Dean

    I have spent the last 6 months putting together an aquaponics system with a friend. It uses water efficiently but a cistern would be hard. Have you looked into the Davis Mountains? Its a better climate and you can find water, plus there is a ready market for produce.

  5. ElviraMoon

    PDM: No, but wifi is available as several public places in the Ghost Town and in Study Butte.
    Bill S: Not yet. We just purchased a 1700-gall. cistern and will set up soon.
    Greg: I will be starting a blog/web site soon and will post link(s) when available. I plan to document our transition and life off-the grid (as well as Pulling-the-Plug).

  6. greg

    im also looking to do the same in the same area o terlingua and was wandering i you could share any info you might have on making the transition. thanks

  7. Bill S

    Do you have water?

  8. PDM

    Do you have email?