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Burning pollutants to save power
Burning pollutants to save power
Tokyo, 4 MArch – Japanese scientists have developed a way to generate electricity from chemical waste – a byproduct of paint-manufacturing.

IHI Corp. envisages receiving its first order this year for a next-generation gas-turbine cogeneration system it developed that uses volatile organic compounds (VOC) emitted by chemical, paint and printing plants as fuel to generate electricity, allowing users to lower their VOC-abatement costs while cutting their fuel costs by as much as 40%.

The company will be releasing the system as an energy- and cost-saving off-grid cogeneration system. Plants for the production of paints, coatings, chemicals and films, and those that conduct printing and lamination, use solvents and adhesives that result in large volumes of VOC emissions. There is a pressing need for effective ways to control these emissions under tightening environmental regulations such as Japan’s Air Pollution Control Law. They are now usually incinerated, which entails significant costs.

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