[before_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/7ee062bdef6166a2d695dd8ae09a5ddd.jpg youtube=null] I’m looking to get away from as much of everything as possible. I’ve been brought up living in an upper middle class society and, for as long as I can remember, I have not been happy or healthy doing so. I’ve currently saved up about $15,000 and am hoping to find cheap raw land to live off of, without indebting myself; a tall order, I know.

As philosophy goes, I believe that humans have outgrown money and that it is more of a hindrance than a convenience as it was intended. I feel money slows newer, cleaner, and more energy efficient technologies that could eliminate jobs that encourage an uneducated work-force to perform repetitive and often unhealthy work.

As survival goes, he longest I’ve camped is for a month in a high mountain range off the Blue Ridge Parkway (mile marker 420 if you’ve been there). During that month I ate only berries and the small amount of canned food I brought with me. I’m not a good hunter as I find it very difficult to bring myself to kill land creatures, especially for the purposes of recreation and sport; ironically fishing isn’t a problem for me. I have enough equipment to survive on my own for a few months depending on nearby food and water sources before having to move on given I didn’t cultivate the land.

My skill set is mostly based in computer technology and networking. I realize that this is only minutely helpful in living in an off-grid scenario, but hope to make it useful later on to help others go off-grid without the trouble I’ve had.

I’m looking to get to a place secluded from the contemporary American, and learn to live off the land in the process. My goals are to find a decent amount of secluded acreage to build a house and workshop for myself as I see fit (unrestricted land) then, if I have enough land, establish a sanctuary for people from whatever new forms of oppression bureaucrats devise.

I don’t usually express my personal beliefs, and feel it’s wise for others not to as well, but as I see that it’s a priority for many on this site, I will share them to avoid problems down the road. I am a sceptical agnostic. I love poetic philosophy, but am for the most part non-religious. I appreciate people and their wide range of beliefs, but am intolerant of evangelicals who would impose their religion or their way of life on another person in any form more forceful than a recommendation.[landbuddy_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/7ee062bdef6166a2d695dd8ae09a5ddd.jpg youtube=null]

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15 Responses to “Computer Tech,23, Looking for Land to Homestead”

  1. Kerry

    I’m 32, located in Durham. I love all of these ideas and comments and I am really interested in getting serious about making this transition. I would either like to join an already established community or form a group of other like-minded individuals who are down to learn as we go. I’ve been researching tiny homes, off grid living and homesteading for about 7-8 years now. I am saving up to convert myself either a skoolie or a single shipping container home. My issue is, I can not now, nor probably anytime in my life afford to buy acreage. I’ve been searching this last year for someone with a huge plot of land that wouldn’t mind letting me settle in an unused corner to get some crops in the ground and some chickens and goats.

    A little about me personally; I’m super progressive (Bernicrat), non-religious, pansexual (no I’m not attracted to cookware), I have a huge sense of humor and speak fluent sarcasm. I love animals and am working on getting back in touch with nature. My goal is to either work remotely (need wifi) or eventually be able to sell my goods at farmers markets. I’m fairly artistic and creative so I also like upcycling junk into functional pieces or simply art. I’m still a bit away from being ready for a move, but I’d love to connect with some of you to trade ideas, make some plans, and see where this goes. Feel free to email me kerrykester919@gmail.com

  2. Dovely

    Computer Tech,23, Did you ever find your place? I was checking the posts to find others in NC. I’m 26 miles north of Greensboro. I have a 1/2 acre urban farm with goats, chickens, ducks, bunnies and a 30′ x 32′ greenhouse. It’s amazing how much one can produce on a half acre.

  3. Etrius24

    Go to Claiborne County in Tennessee…. or Lee County in Virginia…. Land in Bulk there approaches $1000 an acre… with year round creeks and springs on it… Land will be rolling some of it bottom land for pastures… some of rolling for orchards.. and some of it mountainous used for flowers, herbs and wood… Usually about 1/3 of it will be plantable for pasture or crops. ( if you get lucky and you are creative.) Better land than in the Asheville area for farming….

  4. Etrius24

    I am currently looking at a couple hundred acres of land…On the Tennessee/Virginia state line. My idea is to have people come live….and work…. In community Co-op. We would provide everything we need and sell excess goods to maintain the land and pay property taxes. All members would share in any profits.

    Off Grid…. but I have been working on this farm plan for almost 20 years… Everyone would have gas for cooking, heat… plumbing…adequate private housing… Some electricity…. We would grow everything we need…We would have a mill on site…. a forge on site…a green house…a library, Dairy, Loom,…..Place to meditate/worship… We would make clothing, Candles, Cheese, furniture…linens… pottery… we would provide all the members of the community with finely crafted items… and sell the excesses.

    Nobody would get rich…. but the quality of life would be excellent… and everyone would make some money….The better the community does the more money we all make… but money would NOT be te driving force of this…A simple healthy rewarding lifestyle would….

    Unplug and get back to nature.

    My biggest question mark is whether or not I could find enough sane hard working people to commit to something like this.

  5. Tiony Tyler


    I saw your posting on offgrid. Can you tell me more about your community? Where are you located?



  6. holly

    Hey everyone,I have been in the Asheville area for 31 years. The prop.tax has been going up up up and the prices of land are ridiculous! I am looking at E.TN now.Low tax,no state income tax,and plenty of raw unrestricted land available for cheap,with water. I have a great place now,but it is not as private as I would like,although I could easily be off grid here,as I have a roaring creek out back.I am just sick of Buncombe Co!! If anyone is interested in checking out TN,let me know!

  7. LaurenTDubb

    currently slaving away at a lawyers office, saving money dreaming of the day when I can buy my own land and start my own little homestead. The city life is not for me! While I’m saving, I’m currently looking for a perfect area. I always seem to stick to looking around Virginia or North Carolina. I have a 5 year old and would have to be on the outskirts of somewhere so my son could go to school. But also want to be in a rural area with 10+ acres. Also would love to be in an area around other like minded people who I could possibly help out and learn from. Until I have saved enough, I will continue to dream. Would love to talk to people who have recently started a homestead and willing to give advice :) ltd_trazzigrasso@yahoo.com

  8. Raymond Powell

    Thanks for contacting us Polack Pirate. I see you’ve been looking around for awhile! We’ll email you back promptly! :)

  9. Escape Me

    Hi all . I too desire to escape the loathsome toxicity of our current society. I love this portion of the country and find it to be ideal for off grid living. Your personal philosophy on life seems very similar to mine. I currently live the polar opposite of this life style yet have been the happiest when I have shed all of luxury items of the 1%. I too detest hunting for personal enjoyment but am ok with hunting survival and am pretty decent at it. Fortunately I have a significant assets to liquidate for the move to secure property in the area we desire. All interested in collaborating or beginning conversation please email me at Archheir@gmail.com

  10. Ziggy

    To all those above who are looking for land near Ashevlle NC we are located now just above black mountain and old fort, you can see the farm we have been homesteading in pictures on the web site, we have now found another piece of land that is perfect for the vision we carry of feeding ourselves and our neighbors good healthy food and a healthy life. Our first 5 acre piece will cost us about 15k, we believe we can acquire 20-25 more 5 acre plots at this same cost to expand the community as needed we have core group of 6-10 like minded souls and are open to adding more Rays of Light as they show up. If you want to talk serious about joining our group you can reach us on the website or at empweredfarmer@yahoo.com
    Thanks and IN-JOY your self.
    Ziggy and Tammy

  11. Somebody Nobody

    Hello, brother. I am also a computer tech, currently working/living in Raleigh. I love asheville and would like to get some land in the area around there. I know of some cheap land I am considering buying. I do not have time (currently wage slaving right now) to explain what I am looking for and my beliefs but they are very similar to yours. Send me an email,

  12. Polack Pirate

    To all the people who commented and didn’t leave their email: I have no idea how to get in contact with you, but I’ll try to figure out how to see your profile somehow.

    To JoGee: I’ve exhausted myself trying to find land in the Buncombe County area of any significant size that won’t sink me in debt. Allegedly, about five years ago, lawmakers just arbitrarily increased the appraised value for land in Buncombe. So there’s a lot of pretty worthless plots, some under an acre, selling for $50,000 +; even in “nowheres” like Spruce Pine. I think Tennessee is about as close as we’re gonna get for cheap land, but even there owners are pretty stingy, at least from what I’ve found so far.

  13. JoGee

    are there any potential areas for land here in NC? I live an Hour East of Asheville ( the foothills of the mountians) and wouldnt mind finding land close by.. Lots of ridges and valleys, creeks and rivers ect. I have knowledge in aquaponics so food wont be a scare.. Ive been really interested in this off grid idea for awhile now, just need a team of like minded folks to carry a plan out. Life is too short to be a slave, its time for people to have a “human” experience and evolve.. No more de-evolving to a consumer minded robot! shoot me an email bro!

  14. Lauren

    Do you have an interest in Oregon? If so contact me at dragonflypond@ymail.com

  15. Aaron Hill

    I share the same ideals and philosophy. I’d love to get in contact.

  16. Community Valley

    We have land here at our community. We can help you get started