[before_listing images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/7ee062bdef6166a2d695dd8ae09a5ddd.jpg youtube=null] I’m looking to get away from as much of everything as possible. I’ve been brought up living in an upper middle class society and, for as long as I can remember, I have not been happy or healthy doing so. I’ve currently saved up about $15,000 and am hoping to find cheap raw land to live off of, without indebting myself; a tall order, I know.

As philosophy goes, I believe that humans have outgrown money and that it is more of a hindrance than a convenience as it was intended. I feel money slows newer, cleaner, and more energy efficient technologies that could eliminate jobs that encourage an uneducated work-force to perform repetitive and often unhealthy work.

As survival goes, he longest I’ve camped is for a month in a high mountain range off the Blue Ridge Parkway (mile marker 420 if you’ve been there). During that month I ate only berries and the small amount of canned food I brought with me. I’m not a good hunter as I find it very difficult to bring myself to kill land creatures, especially for the purposes of recreation and sport; ironically fishing isn’t a problem for me. I have enough equipment to survive on my own for a few months depending on nearby food and water sources before having to move on given I didn’t cultivate the land.

My skill set is mostly based in computer technology and networking. I realize that this is only minutely helpful in living in an off-grid scenario, but hope to make it useful later on to help others go off-grid without the trouble I’ve had.

I’m looking to get to a place secluded from the contemporary American, and learn to live off the land in the process. My goals are to find a decent amount of secluded acreage to build a house and workshop for myself as I see fit (unrestricted land) then, if I have enough land, establish a sanctuary for people from whatever new forms of oppression bureaucrats devise.

I don’t usually express my personal beliefs, and feel it’s wise for others not to as well, but as I see that it’s a priority for many on this site, I will share them to avoid problems down the road. I am a sceptical agnostic. I love poetic philosophy, but am for the most part non-religious. I appreciate people and their wide range of beliefs, but am intolerant of evangelicals who would impose their religion or their way of life on another person in any form more forceful than a recommendation.[landbuddy_listing images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/7ee062bdef6166a2d695dd8ae09a5ddd.jpg youtube=null]

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