[before_listing id=0 images= youtube=null] We are an off-grid community located in N-E Idaho, US.
We are looking for 7-8 like-minded families to join us.
Visit our site http://www.vedrica.org for more information.[landbuddy_listing id=0 youtube=null]

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3 Responses to “Off-grid community inviting members”

  1. richardsonn

    hi my name is nate im a 43 yr old male who is completly starting over after a 18 yr marriage . im looking at starting college and would like to do something in green energy (solar , and or wind) ive been in construction for almost 20 yrs and am leaning towards off the grid living when done with school . im looking for someone to help guide me in this direction. like i said im starting over im beginning a new life ive let go of the past and am excited about the future . i am good with people but just dont want to be apart of the mainstream of sociaty i love the outdoors and grew up hunting and fishing the pacific northwest wa, id, ak. i have a passion for building things with my hands and am very mechanicaly inclined i am drug and alcohol free . im thinking a community thats off the grid and would like to guide me in this would be benifical for all involved .no weirdo stuff i am a christian and would just like to find a healthy lifestyle . if you can help or are interested in what ive got in mind you can contact me at richardsonn1972@gmail.com looking forward to see where this goes

  2. Ethan Horner

    Hello, my name is Ethan Horner and I am a student a SFCC. I am doing a school project about creating an off-the-grid lifestyle for myself and any other members of the community that would be interested to join. Finding land isn’t easy. It is actually frustrating that you can’t just go out into the wilderness and make a life for yourself. I really feel that I am being trapped into slavery by the culture that I live with. If you would consider helping me with my project I could really use that help. Thank you very much.

  3. Jared Hulshizer

    My names is Jared. I am a 33 year old male and am actively looking to join a community that is off grid. I am an intelligent, hard working capable being that is just fed up with this slavery that is social economics. Nature is calling me and is so loud it drowns my thoughts. I dont have the money or means to start something so am looking to join an already established community. I can learn and perfect anything I put time into and want nothing more than to work for and with a small community of like minded folks. Please email me at Rollend79@gmail.com. we can speak more of what would be needed of me and what I can contribute. Thanks