Hi all I made a post a year ago and was never able to accomplish my goals due to life happening but I’m back with an idea I’m looking for 20 people plus me and my wife. Couples are fine and so a families with children so there will actually be over 20 people in the community together. Anyways 20 people plus us each invest $150 to purchase one of several 7-10 acre parcels of land for $3000 then those willing to go first and deal with very limited living situations go to establish jobs while the rest maintain normal life while the first group gets jobs and buy some travel trailers with the bathrooms and what not once the first group establishes enough trailers or small cabins the rest of the group comes out once out there we all work together with little weekend jobs to gather enough to pay land taxes and start purchasing solar panels as well as beginning cultivation and then purchasing livestock once cultivation has begun to maintain a full stock of veggies and meats for the community as well as being able to establish enough solar energy to power the small community other than everyone paying into the annual land tax which would be divided amongst everyone equally there would be no bills other than water which each family could simply stock what they need in town if anyone is interested in this idea please contact my cell phone directly to go over details and whatnot my phone number is 702 426 3341 please message me

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