We need people with different skills. We have trash that needs clean up. We have plumping that needs help with!

Come park your camper up here away from it all.

Help us build an Ecovillage!

We currently have a trailer available for a single person!

Email me at dahlia@shhlove.com


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9 Responses to “Come live off grid!!!”

  1. Ashton Curtis

    I have been wanting to go off grid for a while. I am 55, a man.

    • Nicky balius

      Its something i want to do to open channels an benifit the experince of offgrid

  2. Joshua Dean Tyler

    I’m very much interested…after being in the army, I decided that I want no part of the “civilized” world…with by the way is in most aspects less civilized than the animal world…lol. I can build just about anything, I can do plumbing, can hunt, fish and trap(though I feel that trapping is inhumane). I’m in great shape and very intelligent. I believe in hollistic medicine and want to get back to our purer selves

  3. Brian

    Honestly I find it difficult to want to join a community that advertises wanting people to come join yet doesn’t state where. Good luck.

  4. Daylones112

    I’m looking for a community to join I’m 24 male former electrician and general contractor I currently am working as a carpenter my dream is to join a off grid community but no luck for 2 years

  5. midrmlfstl

    jane of all trades interested in off grid living.. excellent work ethic strong and ready to go.. what part of country are you in??

  6. brokenscarecrow

    i would love to help in anyway i can and i prefer to sleep outside

  7. dazy5962

    I’m interested!!! Do you still have a trailer? I know gardening g, and am an excellent cook.

    • Timothy proctor

      Would love come live there help out on my way Arizona right now sell rock neckless rings