Are you looking to go off the grid ?

To get out and away from these stressful times and become self sufficient?

Then why not come join us …..

We are a small but growing mostly off grid  homestead commune looking for others to join us…..

25 beautiful acres with a pond, main house with electric and water. Swimming pool and hot tub 

We raise all kinds of farm animals and grow large gardens to preserve as much of our own food as possiable. Adding an orchard this summer and fall. 

Working towards being self sufficient.

We work together as a “family” 

Combining all of our incomes no matter how small or large to pay all the bills and everyone lives on the same level, no one has less and no one has more 

We make all decisions as a whole 

Any lifestyle, religion, sexual preference. All walks of life and backgrounds

Must have own living quarters .. ei. RV, camper, van, bus, tiny cabin plans to build small cabin etc … 

We do occasionally have room in the main house for 4-6 people until you get your own living quarters, depending on how many are living there at the time 

Seeking long term / permanent members Adults only, 18 and older with some sort of income no matter how small as there is very little work in this area. Will consider a single person with one child or couple with one maybe two ( this would have to be discussed by the members) 

Trades such as selling your homemade items online, farmers markets, trade shows, swap meets etc. or a monthly income such as retirement, disability or remote work or unemployment. 

Hard working, love for animals and nature and a willingness to be a part of an awesome group ! 

We would love to hear from you and talk to see if we are a fit for you and you for us 

Email us and let’s talk further !! 

Thanks ! Peace ☮️✌️ 

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7 Responses to “Come join us !!”

  1. Mike Pompano

    Hi I am responding to your post. Myself, Wife and Child are looking for the right community to call home. We live in Texas and are seeing the writing on the wall as the cities are getting worse by the day ! I am an out of work contractor drawing unemployment and my wife is a registered nurse. I am very proficient in gardening, hunting, fishing, and construction. If you are still looking for new additions to your community I would love to talk more in depth… Blessings Michael

  2. anthony p corbo

    would love to join you off grid…tired of all of it…have income but not rv

  3. Nothankyou31

    Hi there Im very interested in joining you guys. Looking for high integrity and overall good people to form a community with. How do we get in contact?

  4. Deandria

    Hi I’m very interested in your community! Where are you guys located?

  5. Gen Agustsson

    i couldn’t agree more. i should’ve been off their grid years ago.

  6. Robyn holland

    My name is Robyn Holland I’d like to know what state you are in and do you have a way to keep in touch with others via the Internet I get SSDI I am a gardener you’re just what I’ve been looking for want to stay permanently I feel so trapped here in the city Cleveland Ohio all of the sirens cars hustle and bustle and just playing noise cars and pollution are all around I miss having a garden and I long to be on the land again would love to hear from you I can be there in about the end of this month or sooner if that’s okay I am a home health aide hard worker loves to see the underdog win and the bad guy gets it love it love it I do all things with a purpose I love to build we furnish would paint stained wood I also like to design houses my imagination how to build a dually functional home dual uses for everything I love the fact that you have a pond and pool I love the fact that you have a water and electricity I feel really comfortable just thinking about those things that I wouldn’t have to worry about but of course I have are in income and I do have some skills and I love to build I would love to build a house so you can contact me on my Gmail or at 216-456-1890 thank you very much for your consideration in advance I hope to hear from you very soon thank you and God bless