| June 24, 2020

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Early 20s, hardworking woman wanting to find any potential off grid opportunities before I just go out and try and make it work alone. Very determined, maybe naive, willing to learn

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2 Responses to “Young female, badly wanting to go off grid”

  1. Linda Enlow

    we are in Missouri and a team player we do need and it is raw land so lots of work can pick a spot for your self and we work all together out here they are only a single mom and 2 of her children and myself and husband I am 65 but do some stuff as I can

  2. mike

    you should talk to my friend sandra who has a rough and tunble 84 acre one a farm property with a couple buildings, unfinished ig cabin sharecropper shack…has two cool Sicilian Donkeys, a couple pet pigs, some poultry, once a commune years ago, hidden and about 25 minutes to town in Southside Virginia south Lynchburg, mostly off grid, was related to a famous folk rock family, really could use someone out there with her, give her a call, mention offgrid.net and me, mike, you;d peobably need to leave a message or you might carch her with one call, leave message, best time to call is after dark…where are you geographically? Hopefully you have no issues with mental illness, addictions, drama etc…I live by myself in a small town an hour away, helped start the commune there years ago but people slowly drifted away…434-349-9207