| December 10, 2020

Looking for like-minded people to discuss and find either a jetty, pier or small coastal property to Rent or Buy with an option for workshop, storage etc, and possibility to moor boats, like a jetty or wall, possibly in need of repair, or at least the option to create such facilities. Preferably but not necessarily on a shoreline off the beaten track, UK, Europe, or elsewhere in the world. Either as Property minder, or to rent or to purchase.

Since 14y I live aboard boats, always with jetty access, have a 41ft liveaboard Motorsailer and want to make a change to the usual “rent-a-mooring but no space ashore” therefore the above idea was born (maybe a little bit as well due to the current prominent increasingly controlling situation worldwide)

An option would be to possibly create workshops involving traditional maritime craftsmanship which don’t compete with facilities nearby and bring a dormant piece of shore alive again. For this rental- or property- sharing project to work the people involved should have their own funds or income, or have ideas or skills to live off the land (or “shore” in this context) with as above mentioned workshops to offer services, could be well paid things like sewing/sailmaking/upholstry, Blacksmith/Metalwork, Woodworking for traditional crafts etc but not necessarily maritime trades. And why not add an allotment, garden for self sufficiency.

Happy & fun attitude, easy going personality and good sense of humor appreciated. Mutually beneficial Interests would be Nature, OffGrid, Coast or Boats, Liveaboard-Lifestyle (or simply previous Campervan- / OffGrid- experience), Classic Boats, DIY, naval History.

Previous boating or marine experience in my opinion not necessary; this could be acquired with time.

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