| September 1, 2019

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Cost €85000

SPAIN: ANDALUCIA – a simple house with forest garden, off-grid, in a vast natural landscape.


85,000 euros (less for a very quick sale) – property only available until the end of September.


Full details, including photographs/ videos/ and tv interview on the pages of our website: (but first replace “*” with “.”)



Briefly, I have spent my life moving towards a simpler/ healthier/ sustainable existence.  In 2000 my partner sold everything we had in the UK and set off in a van to find a truly wild and remote place.  Nine years later, after searching all the forgotten corners of Spain/ Portugal/ and Canada, we found the one place that fulfilled all those dreams, in SW Andalucia/ Portugal.  Where we built our cosy off-grid “tiny” house amidst its six acres of what will eventually become a “natural” forest, surrounded by 183,000 hectares of wilderness.


The journey is chronicled in two books by Maureen: TREAD SOFTLY BECAUSE YOU TREAD ON MY DREAMS (but first replace “*” with “.”)


and MUSINGS ON A MORE SIMPLE LIFE (but first replace “*” with “.”) https://elpocito*files*wordpress*com/2018/09/maureens-blogs-a5-low-res.pdf

both free to download in pdf format. 


Sadly, after 35 wonderful years together, Maureen died.  This was tough, but eventual someone new came into my life and she lives in Shetland so we are heading off to live there.


If you are interested, the original asking price was 130,000 euros but is now reduced to 85,000 euros or reasonable offer for a quick sale, we leave at the end of September.  We would also consider a straight swap for land/ property in Shetland.  Or if you recommend this property to the eventual buyer we will pay a 3% commission on the sale price.


Look forward to hearing from you.  Phil (WhatsApp +34 633 731 906 or email: monkeyandsofia@yahoo.co.uk).


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2 Responses to “SPAIN: ANDALUCIA – a simple house with forest garden, off-grid, in a vast natural landscape.”

  1. phil rooksby

    Hi Gen, this part of Andalucia has a large community of off-gridders.

  2. Gen Agustsson

    i was looking for off grid areas of northern spain