| February 18, 2018

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  I hope to find either a loving partner or a best buddy to live and survive together off grid just about anywhere in WA, ID, MT, WY, or CO. I am 45, in the Spokane, WA area and while I am not physically strong I offer excellent companionship. I am poor but have a little bit to get started. Maybe we could pool resources together and live in the mountains somewhere.  It is becoming exponentially difficult for me to slave away and deal with taxes, the heartlessness of half the population and government, and all for what?  I feel like I live in the United States of corporations. Where is the love? Where is the goodness of people? It seems like there is only a small percentage of people that have a conscience, empathy, and that you can actually trust.  I have three BA degrees, very educated, and all for what? I can’t believe all the lies that the society told us that if we were just obey its laws and do this or that, that we would have the so called American dream. It’s a nightmare. Everything cost 1 million dollars and you can barely breathe as you continue to try to struggle and survive. The poor become more poor. I met a homeless man a few months ago that had a PhD in physics.  I have called to plan ahead if the worst happens and learned a lot about homeless shelters or whatever resources might be available for a future emergency. Even big cities have waiting lists (affordable housing, many shelters) that they say are around 5 up to 12 years long and there are thousands upon thousands of people on the waiting lists everywhere. It will only get worse. 

  I don’t want to have to get permission from another person or pay a whole bunch To live freely on the land that God created. I am a very caring person who would be willing to do the housework (cabin-work?!) and cooking, cleaning. 

  For my safety, because there are so many predatory people out there, I will do a very basic background check and would only start with email, then talk on the phone. I am willing to consider finding a nice spouse, or just a best friend. 

We can try trading emails and start from there and see how it goes. Best wishes and luck to everybody.


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