| September 18, 2021

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Cost $300.000

Hello everyone,

I’m not an off-gridder myself but I thought this might be of interest to some people here, more likely to a community or a couple of families interested in farming and relocating.
My father in law, who lives in Russia, is looking to sell a farm he owns in Siberia – it literally is OFF THE GRID and it is massive.
I’m trying to help the family sell it and I thought this group could actually be a good place for it. Note that this is for adventurers and for people really ready to leave the grid, because that’s in Russia, and most particularly Siberia, and you won’t have easy access to the comfortable fall-back options you’d have back home.

It is 65km away from the city of Irkutsk, known for being the closest large city to the beautiful and mystical Baikal lake. This city is quite pleasant and has all the things one might enjoy if you do wish to get a dose of city life. I have lived there myself a couple of years so I can answer any questions you might have.
The farm is located close to a Pine Forest and has a two-storey house, built from wooden material (180×180) and Siberian pine sawn timber, which allows for a comfortable rest after a hard day’s work.
The farm currently has 220 heads of sheeps. I am told the breeds and the sufficient space for free grazing ensure great quality and tasty meat. Lamb and mutton are very popular in those parts of the world.
They also have 7 heads of cattle, 4 of them are pregnant cows, 20 chickens, 18 turkeys.
I have used Google translate to translate the description of the property because my Russian ain’t that good so please forgive the ‘non natural sounding’ of it.
“ The property owns up to 100 hectares of agricultural land. 2 fields. One is located one kilometer from the residential building, the second is at a distance of 4 km. With the prospect of further land acquisition. 1 hectare in perpetual lease.
All hay making equipment is available.
The two-storey residential building 124m3 with cold and hot water supply. Boiler heating. In winter, you can heat with wood, which creates a special comfort on long winter evenings.
Garage for 4 cars. Bath. Toilet cabin outdoor.
Sheep shelter 110m3. Storage room for hay 120 m3.
Winter barn 24m3. Flight 56m3. Chicken coop 16m3. Well with drinking water. There are other premises on the territory.”

Price is 300 000 USD.
Please note that price is for the property: farm, land, animals
But does NOT include the potential paperwork fees, nor, obviously the whole relocation process/visa of moving to Russia. Do not hesitate to contact me for additional information and photographs.

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