| September 3, 2019

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I have a deep longing for the completely Primitive life, COMPLETELY Off-Grid, not 99% but 100%.  I long to live in either a teepee, log cabin, wood cabin, or natural built structure.  I long to go bare-footed again, or wear natural homemade mocassins or sandals.  I long for all of my clothes to be homemade–nothing manufactured by the world for the world.  I long for every single attachment to this wicked world to be severed, yes, all of it, including the monetary system, drivers license, automobiles, social security card, birth certificate, computers, internet, “smartphones”, etc.  Can you imagine being given a birth certificate… after you were already born? How insulting.  I believe that all of this mess is to register, attach, enslave a person into a system.  But imagine living COMPLETELY outside of the system, INCLUDING living outside of this wicked divided world’s Religious System/Christianity chiefly among them.   Imagine walking by raw, butt naked faith, and learning the true definition of Trusting your Creator.  Their is something about the early indians and “oh Great Spirit” that I am very attracted to; however, my faith is in the Savior, Yeshua, of the Bible, Who shed His Blood for mankind.  Yet I believe that even the poorly translated Bible has to be diciphered. I am a single man, 52, just simple me, alone, I am absolutely not affiliated with any religious group or organization. I only desire to be a true disciple of, the Master.

Surely I am not alone?  But who can SEE, that mankind was born into a well established system that he VOLUNTARILY continues to operate in. Christians who claim to follow the teachings of, The Master, for the most part do not live the way that He taught his first disciples to live, TOGETHER, SHARING their lives (Acts 1-4).  But my heart wants completely out, every trace, not a shoelace from this world.  Impossible?  Did human beings really have trouble breathing 500 years ago before all of this modern day technology? I know, this very ad proves that I am still dealing with it, but I still have a heart’s desire and direction I’m headed, and none of this stuff will exist in my future. None of it is in heaven, and Yeshua is returning on a White Horse, not in a luxury white rolls royce, so the forever future will be back to nature. I even read of the Book of Life, not the computer of life. Apparently, what mankind thinks is so far advanced, is not even recognized in heaven.

Imagine the blessing of trading or bartering.  I definitely want to help plant/harvest all of our own only organic food. I basically desire to live the way that the Holy Spirit first directed the early church to live, TOGETHER, in Unity, loving one another (Acts 2:44, Acts 4:32 passages).  And it has been ringing loudly inside me for years, to “come out from among them and be ye seperate, touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you, sayeth Yehovah.”  I appreciate untranslating the english version and using the original hebrew names, but I do not build doctrines about this. Enough said, except that I hate legalism and desire the Freedom of the Spirit to rule our hearts. I believe that we are called to holiness and purity. But if we all only have pure hearts, the outside can become clean as we help and strengthen one another.

I am searching for 2-5 acres of land that I would like to own in exchange for labor. But this is more like my consolation because I haven’t found a single other kindred spirit. I didn’t have a lot of money in the first place, but most of the few thousands that I did have, which I could have spent on a small piece of land, is gone from living on the road expenses while searching for kindred spirits. Now it’s Sept. 2019, and I only wish I had a suitable place, hopefully with some other disciples to set up a teepee, or build a simple little wood hut. If I have to be alone, then I so wish that somehow I could own my own lil piece of land, 2-5 acres in exchange for however many months of work exchange that it takes to pay for it.

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