| February 14, 2018

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My wife and I are interested in homesteading off-grid in southern Missouri, and we are hoping to do so within 1-2 years (or sooner if finances work out).  We’re not rich by any means, but we’re not moochers, either.  We have no problem putting in our share of work to earn our keep in a community/group, or we can make payments for rent-to-own/land contract/owner financed land.  We are aware of the various companies selling cheap land, but not everyone sells land through these companies.

We’re totally cool with living in a camper or a cabin, even a converted/convertible shed…we prefer it, actually.  We’re totally cool with wood heat as well (also preferable).

I’m 42, and my wife is 39.  We currently live in Texas, but our searches and research points us toward the Missouri Ozarks.  I am a former Missouri resident, so I am already familiar with the climate and terrain.

We will literally be starting from scratch.  We have a few basic tools, and fully prepared to start out bushcraft style if need be.  Our ideal setup (for our own land) would be a 12×32 shed converted to a tiny home with woodstove, on 2-5 acres, a nice-sized garden for feeding ourselves, herbal purposes (food and medicine) and selling/trading, chickens for food and eggs (selling extra, of course), and maybe later on, a couple of pigs.

She knows how to butcher, I can build and repair buildings, repair small engines and some larger ones, basically a jack of all trades of sorts.  We both have a pretty good green thumb.  For crafts, she likes to crochet, do plastic canvas, and woodburning, and I like to make different things with wood and woodburning as well.  Currently, I do residential maintenance on seven mobile homes that my landlord owns, and I’m a volunteer firefighter/EMS First Responder.  She is disabled, but is able to help out around the house or tackle small tasks on a farm/homestead.

Like I mentioned, we’re aware of the various companies selling land, and we have their numbers.  We are looking for a group or community that may be open to us joining for a bit and pitching in, or someone who has personal knowledge of cheap, useable land or even a farm or homestead that needs help on a cash basis or would trade work for a stay in a camper until we can get money saved up for down payments and such.  We’re willing to work, and we can pay for our personal needs and bills.

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