| October 21, 2016

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Cost $150-200/Month Or Share/Trade/Help

Hi, My name is Abagail. I am a single, looking for a Christian Off-Grid-Living Self-Sustaining Community, to be part of, ASAP. I would like to rent a (12X12 or 10X10 rm w/closet-or w/o closet but preferred), for $150-$200/month Or Less, from a family in the community&be part of that Family-Unit in Sharing my food, Resources and Sharing in the Responsibility of Chores. I would prefer a community in Virginia, that does NOT Flood or Have Corruption; SAFE; but possibly considering the Ozark Mountains in Ar Or NC area, if I can have help to move from Southern Coastal Virginia. I Love GOD, People, Life, Nature, Animals, Gardening, Fishing-NOT Hunting, Sewing,&Crocheting (Designing&Hand-Making My Designs), Painting&Making things homemade, Cooking Healthy, Cleaning, Organizing, Healing The Body Naturally with Foods/Herbs/Spices, Learning Different Languages, helping Teach young children/pre-teens and Young women, writing songs&poems and worshiping the LORD;into most of the sciences-especially Environmental Science.

I do NOT drink, or have any drug problems: I believe in treating/fighting cancer/pain/sickness/health issues with ALL natural foods/herbs/spices for natural healing – except occasionally I will take 1 Tylenol on occasion when absolutely necessary for a migraine headache – I have my own stethoscope, microscope&SOME Alternative/Traditional main-stream Medical guides/books But I Am NOT A Doctor or Nurse; I also have Nature field guides, binoculars, and some Bible Study resources&MANY Bibles&Dictionaries in Different Languages;Fluent in ASL/PSE Sign Language. I have experience in Volunteering with teaching Young Children’s Bible Classes in Church/Deaf Church Most of my life AND Volunteering in Preschool classrooms when in community college; I also have experience volunteering most of my life with being a Personal Care Attendant for Elderly/Sick In-Home of all ages & 1 Year professionally….and 1 year volunteering with the American Red Cross during a Cat 3 hurricane when I was in Bible College one year. Hoping to find a community that has midwifes, holistic medical professionals&skilled outdoor survivalist who know how to live off the land…in a community where everyone pulls together to help each other in/through a crisis, As FAMILY.

I also boldly state, I will NOT engage in any inappropriate relationships with a man, unless I am married to him- that My life completely belongs to the LORD…I made that mistake in the past, being engaged to someone, unequally yolked and will not ever do that again because it goes against my beliefs in GOD’s Word that I Now Choose to Fully Live! I have grown up into a new maturity level in the LORD and am learning The Truth&HIS Ways, Every Day Now! I do have some skills in self-defense, but am not a violent person. I do not believe it is wrong to defend ones self or family…but I Do Believe it is wrong to be violent towards another- there is a BIG Difference between the two; I Believe Love Is Of GOD and LOVE Never Fails, and that The LOVE OF GOD heals! I do NOT own a gun and do NOT want to own a gun; I choose other methods for safety, protection&survival; mostly Prayer & GODly Wisdom led By the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, first and foremost!

I do NOT have/own a vehicle anymore, since I Gave It Away years ago and have been living by faith for years Now; therefore, I would need help moving from Southern Coastal Virginia, to community location. Any Guidance&Help, would be most deeply appreciated. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Most Sincerely with Kind Regards and Love,


October 14, 2016

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