| November 21, 2016

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Small family of two adults one child looking for off grid living. We do not drink or drug, not that I am seeking a dry environment but personally that’s our deal…willing and wanting to work for the community, my daughters father has heavy equiptment course and decades of experience with mechanical and oil field related work. We have good morals and values, and love animals, outdoor life and want to raise our seven year old in a more natural environment as humans were meant to live. We are not a couple, but co parent our daughter and are friends who share same desire for off grid/ prepper/self sustainable living .  He has a fifth wheel and I have a vehicle to get us wherever we need to go…as well are able bodied and intelligent people who can offer a variety of positive contributions to a community. No drama non globalist political living is what we search for where we can contribute and learn and teach our child and eachother in and be happy without constraints of what govt dictates life should be etc…I appreciate any direction, advice or help of any kind from everyone…ill enclose my email? Don’t know if this is allowed but I am very serious and highly motivated /dedicated to achieving this dream of healthy ( my opinion of ) normal living off grid . Thank you. Sincerely,  Sarah . sholmwood1@gmail.com

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One Response to “Seeking a Christian based Canadian off grid living community”

  1. Selfsufficientinnature

    Hi Sarah,

    I just saw your ad on the internet and want to present what we are loking for and what we have to offer:

    Likeminded people wanted for self sufficient life on organic wilderness farm in BC, Canada

    My wife and I live with our kids (9 and 13) and animals (sheep, chicken, geese, horses, dogs, llamas etc.) almost self sufficient and home schooling on a big ranch and organic farm on a huge lake with pure drinking water in Central BC, Canada.

    Our fertile land is almost 3,000 feet (900 meters) high and located circa 150 miles (240 km inland) from the Pacific Ocean in the west. We are protected from west winds coming from the Pacific and Japan by the Coast Mountains (up to 13,186 ft or 4,019 metres high). Our Geiger Counter, that we use daily since Fukushima, shows still 14-15 counts per minute of normal natural radioactivity. The Coast Mountains seem to direct pollution from acid rain to radioactivity, coming from the west, over our heads inland towards the Rockies in the east. Big cities, industries, active volcanos, fault lines and earthquake zones are far away. Our big gardens, increasingly based on permaculture, as well as the abundance of fish in the lake, wildlife, berries, mushrooms and plants in the surrounding wilderness (Crown Land), provide a reliable, organic food source.

    We are well accessible on two different roads, by boat and small aircraft (our airstrip is 2,000 feet or 600 metres long).

    Self sustainable life in harmony with nature is our daily practice for many years and our safe haven is finally in place after 15 years of work. One of the new projects on the ranch that attracts us with our backgrounds in science and business is a Seminar- and Research Centre for holistic health.

    We are looking for some like minded people, ideally with children and important skills, who want to live and prepare with us on the ranch during these tough times and maybe want to live here longer no matter what really happens. People, who can also tolerate, that we do not go to any church but found “our church” in nature.

    If you are interested, please respond by email and tell us a bit about your situation, skills and plans.

    If this is not for you, maybe you can pass this on to other families interested.

    Greetings from BC,



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