| January 11, 2018

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We are a Christian Couple, searching for a partner, or another couple/family to start off grid with. (hopefully with some skills too)  Have your own land! (willing to put some land in YOUR name)  for your own RV/travel trailer/ cabin whatever.. (No restrictions, ) (NO rules, like must be vegan, lol)  Willing to discuss all options.  Please only serious responses! Please email so we can talk more. Tell us about your skills, and situation.  Are you ready to get away from the madness too?  John     pastorjohn3@protonmail.com

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2 Responses to “Searching For Partner/couple for off grid”

  1. Shawnna

    i lost my husband a few years ago, we woodve have been living life off grid that was our plan, but when he died i lost myself, 3 yrs ago i gave life to the Lord, i am free on the inside but DESIRE to be free, im a hard worker, willing to learn, follow directions, i get along well with ppl, im 43 iam able to hold my own, pretty tough for a girl…lol, i can pull my own weight. i can cook, garden, familiar with tools, i fish, like i said iam willing to learn an excited to be part of something , hope to hear from you. GOD BLESS

  2. Carol

    Need to get out of the “community” Want to get off the grid but have some really decent people for support


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