| February 26, 2020

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When it comes to choosing a place to call “home,” our service always favors the landlord at the expense of the tenant.   We will get you a much better contract while still staying within the law.

One of the first problems that new landlords in Canada with rental properties can face is tenant retention. Although the Canadian economy looks very good, several issues affect people.

Work and other external factors may be that tenants decide to leave their rental property before their lease is complete. The standard rental agreement is designed mostly to protect the renter’s rights, not the owner, and a tenant may terminate a contract with 30 days’ notice.

Additionally, whether you rent an apartment, a home, or a suite in your house, individual tenants can pose specific problems. While a fair landlord will do his or her best to screen potential renters, property damage, payment problems, and complaints give the landlord added stress.

This is not to say that rental properties in Canada are never profitable, but they can be challenging to manage. As a landlord, you have to determine whether to hire a professional property management firm to deal with these potential problems or to take up the task for a little more money by yourself.

But whatever the issues can be, Laliacpa can offer you information on tenant and landlord rights, responsibilities, and rental practices across the country.

We are the best firm specializing in , Ontario, Canada, and offering services to the property manager, landlord, or even a tenant. To know more, call 647-532-1413 or visit www.laliacpa.com.

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