| June 28, 2019

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Cost $245,000

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A beautiful organic farm with a country house for sale in Santa Cruz- Callejon de Huaylas – Peru.

In an exclusive neighborhood, surrounded by excellent views of the Cordillera Blanca and Negra, beautiful land and vacational houses for the VIP, so it is very secure.

Very close to one of the entries to the Huascaran Park for the famous treck Santa Cruz- Llanganuco and to the Alpamayo mountain.

A half an hour away from natural hot springs rich in Magnesiun.

Our effort of years is for YOU now to open the doors and enjoy!!!

A total of 7121 m2 of land, terrace and a sequia running right thru the middle of it, more than a thousand meters home space, surrounded by high adobe walls. Fruit trees, Garden space, chakra space for growing almost anything as it is located at the perfect altitude very close to the ecuator. So you can grow (quinua, amaranth, corn, beans, potatos, tomatos, coffee, artichokes, etc). And a nice little pasture for our sweet horse “Wasila”, do you want a horse?

The house: a converted barn into a sweet home: 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen-dinning room, bathroom with hot water, an open space for harvesting and drying products or just to enjoy the view meanwhile enjoying a meal of a coffee, big storage room for vegetables and grains, tool room supply with all the farm tools you’ll need.

Water storage tank 2500lts from a natural spring up the hill.

Total supplied kitchen – dinning room: Filter water system, wood oven, wood stove, chimney, gas stove, tables, chairs, shelves. Livable.

Plus: smoker, sun dryer, batan.

The ark:

Free range!!! Happy birds – not angry birds!

Turkeys, chickens, ducks (with their own little water way, pools, little water falls)

 And rabbits in their own house, with cages for the mothers and open pens for the others, well ventilated. Happy rabbits!!

What makes this place so special?

  • ·        Silence, except for occasional owl or a donkey or bull at the distance at night.
  • ·        The best start gazing at night, incredible sunsets, rainbows, excellent weather, sunny all year, even when it rains there is sun all year, great for solar energy. No big cell towers.
  • ·        It is not just another property in the campo; it is a very unique Organic Farm, with an amazing geography.
  • ·        It is a 2 hours hike thru the native trails and farm land to the hot springs. Or half an hour by car.
  • ·        30 minutes hike to one of the entrances of a very popular treck from Santa Cruz to Llanganuco lakes thru the glacier Santa Cruz mountain range.
  •  A little farther north there is an entrance to the Alpamayo (considered the most beautiful mountain of the world) treck.
  • Located at 9000 feet, the perfect altitude to grow anything, Shangri-La!!!
  • Located in an exclusive neighborhood, where the VIPs have built their vacation houses. So it is a very secure and special place.
  • Very private.
  •  Fruit trees(oranges, papayas, figs, grapes, passion fruit, apples, pears, lemons, limas, peaches, plumbs and new plantations of avocados, chirimoyas, more citrics, guavas, olives, etc).
  •  Free range animals
  • Alfalfa crop.
  •  Glacier melt irrigation water (20 dollars a year)
  • The water we drink is from a natural spring (a dollar a month)
  • California red worn farm and most of the areas are inhabited by them naturally.
  • Garden areas
  • Humus, rabbit poop and bird compost for your organic garden.
  • We only used a solar panel for some electrical appliances and our laptop but there is an electrical pole just 50 yards up the road.
  • There is an ideal place where you can dig a little lake where you can grow cray fish or fish like trout or tilapia.
  • Ideal for off – gridders.
  • Taxes 12 dollars a year (if you want to pay them)
  • Peru is a veru cheap place to live


  • 2 sweet little – in love guard dogs
  • 7 beautiful cats which keep the rat- mouse problem under control



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