| December 24, 2020

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Greetings from the frozen north! Just wondering if anyone else is thinking to quit city life for something more sane, on some nice land here in northern Alberta and with like-minded folk?  I’m looking for others who have something to share, could be rural land, money or skills. Ideally looking for people who are essentially healthy, stable and intelligent, who have their life together, who are looking to improve it and be more self sufficient and who enjoy the quiet life, peace and nature. I’m imagining it could come together as a small community on some land north west of Edmonton, Alberta, perhaps within an hour of the city. I’m also looking for land without restrictions and potable water (if you have land you’d be interested to subdivide, please let me know). We would have our own home, such as a tiny home, a yurt, etc. Initially if our homes are transportable/nomadic that might be best. We would mostly do our own thing and also work together on community projects including growing (and maybe canning) our own food and some land management as needed. I’m female, an artist and an out-of-the-box-thinker. This mini ‘eco village’ might just be a couple of people, or half a dozen. I welcome genuine enquiries only. New to this website and trust I will receive responses without giving my email address here!  Cheers, Shanti  🙂

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One Response to “Off Grid/Rural Community Living in Alberta, Canada”

  1. belpatca

    Hi Shanti,

    My wife and I bought 63 acres in Barrhead county 6 years ago. 20 acres it so can be cultivated, the rest is woods, lake or floodplain of the lake.
    We’ve built a house there a few years ago, with the plan to move there around 2025. The place is off-grid and we are interested in being as self-sufficient as possible; we have a large vegetable garden with a tractor, have raised chickens and rabbits for meat and eggs and use wood to heat the house.

    We are always interested in meeting like-minded people to trade vegetables, meat, soap etc with!