| April 28, 2020

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Off-Grid Ready??? I am and that’s what I am looking for!

Hi there, I am currently located in NW Oregon and am searching for a place out of the city that offers a community feel and that could use additional help in prepping for what is to come, someplace safe. I own an F250 p/u, 12′ enclosed trailer which consists of all of my construction/carpentry tools, 34′ 5th-wheel travel trailer (of which I not only live in but plan on living in but not necessary), 9′-6″ Lance camper, and 16′ Avalon boat, all of which is in working order and I use all at different times, all licensed and insured, however, all of which I am currently selling to downsize except for the 5th-wheel, F250, work trailer, and boat. My next concern is my 3 yr. old Aussie, he’s fixed and all shots up to date, and he’s a great dog, very good at patrol and observation and great with livestock/chickens. I am a residential remodeler by trade and have worked for myself since 2008 when things went belly up. I am financially secure and work when I want. I do not do any drugs of any kind, I don’t even smoke pot, if that’s your thing that’s your business, no problem here. I am soon to be 53 yrs. of age and wanting to move on to somewhere I can lay my hat and call home. My Mom just passed away Nov. 11 and she was the last of any family I have, I have no kids, no wife, just me and my Aussie. What is prompting me to relocate is to get out of the city and the fact I no longer have any family ties to this area. I am up for any location away from populations and not so close to cell towers, provided the above situation is ok. Basically, I am looking for a property that will accommodate me, my dog, my rigs, plus hookups for my 5th wheel travel trailer if available but not a must if other housing options are open, hopefully in the proximity of a lake while still in Oregon. Ideally, a place that is not only safe and secure but a place that is serene and stress-free, no drama, too old for that, but that may also offer me the ability to work my stay off as well, I am geared up/tooled up to do any type of construction/repairs/handyman work/security, whatever may be helpful. I am familiar with livestock if that, in fact, is necessary as well. I can also offer to community assort. size generators, assort. portable fuel tanks, solar power system w/ panels, various other solar power supplies as well as solar-powered gadgets (lighting, 7-band weather/news radios, handheld short wave radios, etc.), water purification gear, fire starter tools, survival gear, camping gear, heating equipment, building material for an outhouse or other out-building if needed, food and water supplies, .999 fine silver to make our own “colloidal silver” (natures cure-all), and yes, even the COVID-19, and don’t let us forget security (guns/ammo). If you are up to speed on what is before us and have accepted the fact we can’t rely on our government to take care of us then I may be of help as well and am prepared to close down the business and devote my time/energies/no-how into an off-grid self-sustaining community-environment with you and others, extended family style. Due to the nature of this post and everyone’s privacy in consideration I am only leaving the CL mail reply (recommended) till trust has been established and then we can find alternative communications. Any questions or offers please reply, and thanks for your time. I encourage a criminal background check if in fact you are serious, no disrespect but I would do the same if I was you. Hope to hear back!!!

Unfortunately, the file folder of my picture and dog is too big for this platform,   Will send in an email if interested, thanks, Troy  

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5 Responses to “Off-Grid Ready??? I am. And that’s what I’m looking for!!!”

  1. Robyn Holland

    I am really excited about getting out of the city
    I would love to speak with you.

  2. troy reinhardt

    Hi Greengal, what’s on ur mind?

  3. Greengal

    ok, sent you a direct message. first day on site:)

  4. Greengal

    i love your style! i am a 45 year old women, looking for the proper partner to try this with. i am a healthy food cook, certified in permaculture design, much in the ways of healing the body. including my new exciting tool, frequency device, called the Healy. i have a strong background in community organization and have a proven track record. i would like to pull resources and get our own land. am am single with no children. can be 1, 3, or possibly 5 adults, no kids. maybe 7. we are all saavy and living the lifestyle. of all of us, i have slipped the most away from the path and yearn to get back. i am open to leaving my email. it’s not the cell. feel’s safe. if you are interested i will leave that. however, i just got on site today. is there a way to send it privately just to you?

    • troy reinhardt

      Just got back from a visit out of town. Feel free to call, I feel safe with it, 503-277-9343, Troy.