| August 8, 2017

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Cost $30000

This is a off grid property with two trailers.

A 16×20 community area \ Green House connecting them together.

A tool room. A 20 foot gutted RV for storage and a six PAC truck camper.

200 watts of solar, (1) 3,500 and (1) 700 watt generators.

Basicly this is a hickabilly hide out. Shooting range behind us, Antelope and Rabbit everywhere.

Would be ideal as a intentional community, off grid fulltime home or hunters camp.

Currently geared to sleep 6 however if you used all rooms as a community it could be tweaked for 12 occupants.

Everything around us is open air.

The property is staked on all 4 corners.

Land is free and clear, clean deed and taxes paid up to date and all the vehicles have a clean NM title(s)…

Some even have valid tags still on the and registered.

I managed a few communities and retired to my own place 5 years back.

The wife and I have beaten northern snow, the desert and seen all but 7 states.

Our next adventure is to get a sail boat, tug boat or barge and live on the ocean for a few years.

We are in no rush but decided to list it and see if there was any interest.

Other than a few tools and personal items everything comes with the sale.

Including tons of tools for expanding.


Cash only, scammers don’t bother…
No financing.

I may consider cash plus 30-40 RV or Converted Bus.

If you are truely interested send me a email: tiefork@gmail.com

We can chat, answer questions and if it sounds like your interested you can come see the property. 

As far as area its located, find exit 203 on I-40 in Moriarty, NM. 87035

The homestead is approx 5 miles south of that exit.

If we make a deal we go to the bank together, you pay me in a cashiers check drawn from your account I sign a notorized deed and all titles and you take posetion in 30 days.

I have lived on this land for 3 years, hunt, target shoot and build without ever being bothered.

I can introduce you to the neighbors…

Most are great people.

We have a simple rule around here, most are hunters and we watch each others back and property but do not interfere with each other… Live and let live.

So if your looking for a private place, a campground, hunting land or playground to run naked this is it.

Send me a message and we can talk more.

Just FYI this is RUSTIC living. We haul our water from 6 miles away at a rate of 14.00 per 1000 gallons. Have storage for 150 plus gallons.

We get internet and phone crystal clear unless storming through Metro PCS and on average run the 700 watt gen 6 hrs a night for TV and misc lighting and backup battery charging.
(That runs about 1.50 a day or 3\4 of a gallon of gas)

The 3,500 watt I only really use for large tools like compressor, table saw and chop saw.

If you want independence, like living rustic, want to run naked or just hunt and shoot without anyone bugging you this is the place to be !

Send me a note if interested and we can talk a bit and go from there.

P.s. the property does have a legal mailing address and mailbox . We are NM residents with the recognized property address on our licences.

Some land doesn’t but we did all the government bs and got it fixed to get our licences sorted and mailed to our address.

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