| December 3, 2016

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IM LOOKING SOMEONE WHO HAS LAND THAT I CAN WORK ON AND PLENTY OF LOVE. EXCHANGE FOR TO STAY.  I LIKE TO GROW MY OWN FOOD AND OUTDOOR COOK. I REALLY WANNA BE SOMEWHERE BEFORE DEC 19 when Obama decide to do martial law. I really need this for my children. Please were in Georgia but are willing to relocate in southern us not the east coast for spiritual reasons.

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One Response to “OFF GRID HELP”

  1. garlandgal

    Would like to know:
    How many people in your family (including pets)?
    Any off-grid/homestead experience?
    Source of income?
    Transportation ?
    We’ll see if it may be a match.
    email @ drawsoutsidethelines@yahoo


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