| October 14, 2020

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Cost $100.000

If you are sick of watching the stock market and worrying about your financial future or you are worried about the economy crashing or whether or not you’re going to be homeless or just plain money issues and how you will survive the failure of capitalism we might be compatible, if you’re interested in a dome style or even an earth sheltered home.  I’m looking to purchase a small island because there are several affordable ones available on the Internet.  But I am definitely open to suggestions regarding structures and location.  The plan is to start really small community that is sustainable regardless of your income or background as long as we have the same goals.  I would love to be able to live without the necessary need for money or as little of it as possible.  Now is the perfect time to do it because most people can work remotely now and all we need is some one that will contribute by providing Internet Service.  Sure in the beginning we will need people of the future community to contribute whenever they can to get started but once were up and running we should be completely self-sufficient and have no need for cash.  We will probably need someone who well versed in tax law so we can apply for a homestead tax exemption.

Ultimate goal:

To get started each individual will need a maximum of $100,000 far less if we need your skills

We all split the cost of the land equally

We all help build homes for each other and split the cost equally I know some might opt for a canvas tent but we all must help build the platform for it.

Each individual will be responsible for a food source whether it be raising chickens or fishing or growing food

We all must be willing to adapt to wherever we decide to do this, whether it should be cold or tropical we’ll figure it out.

If you’re interested let me know and I will send links and info to get this thing started.  Don’t wait until you have exhausted all of your resources and end up living on the street. Now is the time.

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