| October 25, 2016

Hi! I’m Dimitri, 21 yo. Looking for partners, communities to live apart of society, somewhere near on the beach. Im a spiritual person, want to improve myself by evolving but not working the whole life in a system. I like active and free life, I had a childhood in eastern europe in a village so I know how to do things to live. Dont have money to buy a cabin, or an idea where to go, I have a truck. Right know Im still working but planning to go off society. Who is interested or need more info please contact me here – Thank you!

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One Response to “Need offgrid partners”

  1. parallexmike

    Are you in the United States? Do you plan on being nomadic? Have you looked into uninhabited tropical islands that are somewhat close to civilization? You could sell your truck and purchase some land near the beach in Washington State or Hawaii where the weather isn’t so bad, if you’re going to be nomadic and come back from time to time it would be the solution for you.


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