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majorca off-grid retreatThis is the house that started the Editor of the web site on his off-grid adventures. Now there is a group of like-minded people working to build a self-sufficient community, growing food, holding yoga retreats and events and making an income from multiple sources. Come and stay for a month or longer.

A small house and outdoor kitchen at the top of the hillside leads down to several other larger buildings lower down. A Huge watertank fed from roofs provides water for drinking washing and agriculture.

Its idyllic, comfortable, mountain retreat, overlooking the Mediterranean, 700M above sea level –  between Deia and Soller, Majorca.

Relaxed, free lifestyle – LBGT-friendly

Its tranquil and the 2 Hectares is completely private with sheep and a few locals  pass by on the road,  plus the very occasional walker – but there is always something to do – collecting or cutting firewood, maintaining paths, gardening – come and check it out.

1 hr walk or 20 minute drive up winding mountain roadMajorca

Hot water shower outdoors,  via Butano boiler, gravity fed from the 40,000 litre rain tank,   with three large bedrooms, sitting room, kitchen, two toilets, wood burners, 

You can see all the details here:

And you can view a set of videos on YouTube –

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6 Responses to “Majorca Mountain Compound – come and stay”

  1. Tubby Tiger

    I’d love to be your companion/dog throughout this journey of
    yours. Please, email me at (
    if you’re interested and to receive more details about me.

  2. Donald Black

    I have been yearning to get away fro, city life and the business world. Accountant by trade, so I could help in that area. Strong back, young, hard working, and a quick learner. I would like to switch lifestyles to a simpler yet hard/rewarding off grid existence.

  3. Nicole

    Hi I am looking for a community that would consider a larger family. 2 adults and 5 small children. We have lived off grid before and own different property ourselves.

  4. Kelly C. Stringer

    I would love to take care of the garden paths, the serenity!! Your on the right path!

  5. Barnard coleman

    Would like to be a part of your community…have vast knowledge of farming,building..

  6. Don

    Hi where are you lovated


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