| February 14, 2021

Hello folks. Are you looking to relocate to europe?I am located in estonia, an enchanted place of natural beauty and mystique.
If things match, I can help with logistics, planning, integration, accommodation (rent free if helping out), settling in, local employment, establishing business, introducing to the community, etc.

I would love to have someone like-minded and adventurous join me at the farmhouse and perhaps help out a little around the place while I help them to establish things and get wind under their wings. I can offer rustic accommodation (sauna house) and amenities for a time, perhaps some income for skilled work if needed, companionship, support, etc. Then should you like to find your own spot, I can help to source a local plot for you or property to keep us within reach of the established community and support.

Let me know if this sounds like you) ceemail78@gmail.com


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