| February 8, 2017

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If anyone knows of a website or has an idea of where I could search… I am trying to find listings for jobs (employment for my husband or myself) that would let us move and live a less conventional life! I am in dire need to get away from this mundane life. I don’t even know where to start! My husband has mechanical experience/ works on cars and is working 60 hrs a week as a truck driver and I want to find an opportunity for him to work hard but to also have time to enjoy life and get away from this cycle of work your butt off to pay bills, have nothing left over, and start it all over again the next week – no time for life or family. Being self-employed or working doing something that you can feel good about and take pride in would be such an amazing change! And I want something that will take us away from Iowa.

Someone posted a website on here for www.coolworks.com and this is exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for except we need permanent positions as we have a 17-month old and are looking for somewhere to settle.

My husband is not sold on the off-grid idea, but if I could find somewhere with a little of both worlds or with like-minded people, I think both of us could be happy. I want to garden and plan to home school our child. My husband is a hard worker but he thinks we are just stuck in this life as it has been handed to us, I want to think outside the box and find something different and provide a better life for ourselves and I would love to find community.

Any ideas would be appreciated! Thank you!! 

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4 Responses to “Looking for jobs — “outside the box””

  1. Dovely

    You might try looking here in NC. The north central across to the north west of the state is amazing. I don’t know of any mechanic jobs off the top of my head but I do know some times one has to wait days to get the work done on your car. Farmers in the area are always needing work on their tractors and such. Could be in a short time your husband could have a nice list of customers. We have 3 growing seasons. There are some crazy cheap houses and or land here. Just have to be in the right place at the right time.Yes they need work but if you can own it for under $35,000.00 it’s worth having the rent monkey off your back. Auctions pop up all the time. They sell what’s in the house and then sell the house for as low as $8,000.00 to people standing on the lawn! I live in a small rural town in a 1/2 acre I bought for $25,000.00. I have goats, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, guineas and a 30′ x32′ greenhouse I built IN TOWN. Most of the really good deals are only advertised locally. It’s worth checking out.

  2. dinthezone

    You can also look into communal farms. There’s a lot of them out there and can try an internship for a month or season to see if it fits your life. They’re still connected to the grid but in a more minimal way. Good luck!

  3. Scott

    Seasonal work in Alaska means you work hard for 5 or 6 months at a real job and then spend the winter maybe doing a little part time work as needed. It allows you to find things you can do at home to start a self employed income. Hopefully doing things you enjoy. 

    The biggest problem I see with people trying to get out of the rat race is they do not want to sacrifice by actually changing their current lifestyle. First you need to get rid of payments. Drive a $1,000 beater that’s paid for, no cable TV or tv at all for that matter, quit eating out, cut your electrical usage, move into a much smaller place to cut your rent or house payment and do more planning on a budget before spending your money. Quit paying rent as you are just throwing money away. I used to have rentals and I always told my tenants to try and buy something to live in to build equity in. Something owner financed that might not be bank financible can usually be negotiated down on price and terms. Even an old mobile home that will go down in value will still be able to be sold putting some of your payments back in your pocket unlike a rental. Live in a bus or rv while saving money for property. Look at it like a big camping adventure. With the money saved buy property somewhere that does not have property taxes. Lots of areas like that in Alaska and other states. Stay away from places that have lots of building codes and inspections. Build a house out of your pocket. Scavenge used building materials and buy as little as possible new. Initially work hard to reach your goals. Imagine living without any rental or house payments in a few years. People do it all the time. I did. Once I made up my mind to do whatever it takes to get out of the life destroying loop I was in. You will be surprised at how simple your life can be and enjoyable with no payments. 


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