| March 22, 2017

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Hi, I am a 32 year old woman looking to live a self sustaining lifestyle. I am looking in alaska because thats where i grew up but am open to any place. I just beat cancer and am realizing how short life is and i want to spend what i have left on my own terms. I have money so looking for a person or people who want the same lifestyle and have skills i dont have. I can fish and do a little construction or at least help with most things. I can hunt but would rather someone else do it, i like to eat it but not kill it. I want at least 10 acres more if a lot of people e wanting to do this. I want to be able to grow everything i eat. I want animals like horses and goats or cows for milking and chickens for eggs and food. I would be bringing my dogs and cat with me and i would like others to bring their own too. I want solar and wind energy for power or no electricity is fine too. I want wells for water or rainwater catching systemns. I need people who have some money to put into project but if not money st least have skills im looking for. Would like to build my home out of materials from my own land if at all possible. I can swing an ax or work a saw so i can help gathering material. If interested or know of any property like im looking for let me know. My name is Moria

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6 Responses to “Looking to go off grid”

  1. Kenny

    Hey. Ive been Looking to start a community in Maine. you can Email me.

  2. DeadDave

    Interested in building off grid solar/wind powered homestead. I have property in sierra Nevadas. I have many skills and have lived off grid before. Need a partner,extra hand…. ddcam224@gmail.com Lets talk…. Dave

  3. Deneise Boggs

    Would love to live off the grid. I don,t have money, but I work hard. I have a garden every year, I know how to can and put up food.I am 56 and life is passing by to fast. Love the out doors. Love my dogs, and don,t like being around a lot of people.

    • Lucylu84

      Deniese why dont you send me an email so we can chat better. I would like to ask you questions and im sure you have some for me too.

  4. freedomnetwork

    Hi Moria
    sounds just like the group we are starting in Northern Ontario; we are in the start up stages, to point of buying 200 acres of waterfront wilderness property surrounded y crown land; if would be interested could message me at freedomnetwork@hotmail.ca or facebook group Boreal Forest Village, my name is Lucie :)

  5. Marknmontana

    Well I don’t have any Alaska property but I do have a Very secluded 18 Acre Mountains in Central western Montana between Helena and Great Falls/Timber, 20×20 with Loft LOG cabin wood and Propane heat, Propane stove and Frige, indoor shower, kitchen sink, Year round Spring running 10+gpm 3000 gal storage, Gas powered pump to fill storage tanks. composting toilet & out house, Garden area 12x 8 guest seeping cabin, 12×16 work shop, 8×8 storage shed, 13 x 16 storage shed, Back up Gen, Propane On demand Hot water large Garden area 2 miles to the Missouri River, Awesome fishing area. Deer, on Property Elk, close by, Grouse all around, Tons of Rabbits. 8 miles to highway 25 miles to town for supplies. Very good Cell phone and smart phone Internet service from cabin plenty of room and areas to build more cabins. Mark Marknboo@ gmail.com


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