| May 29, 2018

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We are working to save money to buy property in southern Missouri.  We would like to have others come with us.  Should have enough in a year if we are lucky.  We will both be in our 40s by then.  We are looking for people with similar beliefs as us.  We like to play guitar, the drums.  We are not interested in television, internet, cell phones or anything of that nature once we get off grid.  We will have vhs tapes just in case solar power for a deep freezer.  We are trying to go as low tech as possible.  We just want to live an organic life with very minimal meat in the diet. Eggs milk cheese duck meat chicken meat and rabbit but very infrequently.  We plan on growing fruits veggies chickens goats rabbits and bees for honey.  We are just tired of the 9-5 existence and everything that comes with it and when we get off grid dont want it around.

Are you still interested?  We will be ready in a year.
Joe & Sonya

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