| August 18, 2020

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Gonna be blunt and lay it out there.

Looking for a partnership/friendship for off grid living.  Male or female.  My big thing is “you” need to be responsible, not lazy, skilled in adulthood and mannerisms, and physically able to hold your own without whining.  Not looking for crybabies or those who will freak without a cell phone.  Strong and steady.

I am a near 50 year old flatbed female truck driver (let that speak volumes for strength and stability), and fresh off the road.  Going crazy in the towns, apartments, people around me, and I need out.  Nature has always been my thing.

Skilled in all the stay at home stuff women are known for (minus bon-bons), hunting, fishing, cooking off grid, building, figuring out situations without modern items (Redneck it, if you will.), and forget total primitive … I’m bringing lighters.   Can also swing an ax, handle a chainsaw, and if I don’t know how … I will learn it quick.  Very tomboy/country girl way to me.

My kids are grown.  Not married.  Not seeking marriage.  But while married, was a full time practicing survivalist.  For 31 years.  Not completely ignorant to many things, but always willing to try new ways.

Love to improvise, save money for the real stuff needed, and am I minimalist, unless that piece of junk can save me time somewhere down the road.

Looking into owner financing land, no money down.  Know this will cost me more in the long run, but I live in the now, not the long run.  Want no less than 5 acres adjoining to additional wooded areas and that is pushing it.  Hope  for a water source nearby.  Do NOT want electric or septic tanks.  

So … if you are already off grid … or looking for someone you can truly trust to go off grid with … Me, too.  

Trust can be seen a mile away so please no one respond to this if you are only thinking about it, or have a rap sheet a mile long for being a thug.  I need clean, honest, and decent coming my way.  

With that said … My fingers are crossed.


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2 Responses to “Looking For Off Grid Partner (Man or Woman)”

  1. Raymond

    Just like you, I pull a skateboard in the Southeast, running from VA to FL, TN and AL. I’m still out here running the roads, but looking to get out of that by 2021. 28 years of being a trucker catched up with you.

    I have been idolizing the idea of living off grid for as long as I can remember. I have a good chunk of survival skills, hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2008, and about 400 miles of it in 2014. I have shelter building experience, some trapping, and lots of fishing experience. I am far from being a greenthumb with gardening, but I’m always willing to try.

    I am looking for someone to go off-grid with somewhere, to get lost in the depths of wilderness, and away from the rat race, and what is becoming the downfall of this country.

    I can live without electricity, plumbing, and all that most people consider a necessity, including a cell phone(although I would hold onto mine in case of emergency).

    Do you have a place in mind? I have been looking at SW Virginia, mainly the outer skirts of Roanoke where the woods are plentiful, and there is a lake not far from that area.

    If interested in seeing what we can do, or maybe work out, contact me.


  2. Ron

    Planning move of a life time looking for like minded people going off grid in tn if your interested shoot me a email by the way tanks a lot easier than a scateboard