| February 2, 2021

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Hi, my name is Scott and I’m 28, I moved to AZ from TN just over a year ago now for health reasons like toxic mold exposure that has required me to move to the desert.

Although I feel better here I am still in the healing process, and with my sensitivities I can’t work in most conventional environments like restaurants where mold can be present.

So, I’m looking for an already established, or partially established off grid community that is accepting residents.

I don’t have a lot of money or skills, but I am a hard worker and don’t mind getting dirty if you needed help around the property or whatever, I would also be willing to pay some rent.

I would probably be living in my car for now, or hopefully a truck if I can trade it in soon, until I can save up and afford a camper to travel in.

I’m a very clean individual that has a lot of respect for nature, so you wouldn’t have to worry about me making a mess or leaving too much of a mark on the land.

If you are interested or know somewhere I could go please contact me! It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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