| October 5, 2019

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I am  a 46 years old woman, Bulgarian. Currently live in UK, near Brighton. Support Worker. I love my job but… need a change in my life. Always was “off-grid” person one or other way and its becoming more and more difficult for me to live in the way most of the people are living. 

I did a lot of different things in my life and i am not afraid to work or to change my place, or to learn new things, just looking for the right people.

What i can do, make :) :

I cooked for my family over 20 years and i cook for our residents at my job now. I love to cook and I am good.
Cleaning, managing with the house jobs.
Gardening – I took care of our garden and i tried permaculture gardening for about 2 years. I like to doing it.
Animal care, any kind, love animals.
Computers, web sites help – I made web sites before and spent a lot of time in front of computer.
Painting, did it at my house.
Some light building jobs.
Anything else – shopping, teaching (worked with children with disabilities and work with young people with disabilities now), ect.

Looking for community anywhere, if its not too complicated to go.

Thank you! :)


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One Response to “Looking for off-grid community or similar”

  1. James Trussell

    I can do about anything with the work and plase mo wife would like to come over and would love to work with the animals call me at 3044816250