| April 19, 2019

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SBF- Looking for like-minded people…if I find a life partner in my quest to find friends, family, community…all the better!

I’m artistic/ creative, caring, open-minded. Love to write. Love nature, walking in the woods, interesting conversations about like, trauma survivor, looking for social justice. I’m smart, adventurous, have a sense of humor…looking to connect with folks with similar interests and life experiences.

At a “crossroads” in life. Looking around me: taking stock of what has gone well in my life, purging the negative, and ultimately trying to figure out a super positive & creative “what’s next.” Mostly is want to build a life foundation that frees me up to enjoy this planet to the fullest extent possible. Look for good people, friendship, creative thinking.

Would love to find a man experienced in off-grid living and social justice minded. You: have diverse lived-experienced, understands the complexities of life, artistic/ creative, easy going, have worked thru or working on your stuff (drama-free).

Currently living outside of Phoenix, AZ. Many cool/ affordable homesteading properties in the state. Let’s look together!

I am a very cool person, with a great job, looking for life investment opportunities. Let’s start a shared healing community!

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2 Responses to “Looking for Life Partner! (Let’s start an off-grid healing community)”

  1. Rachel.

    Hello I’m female 33. you sound just like me, apart from your job. I’m also dealing with trauma. I think we both know what kind of trauma we are talking about. I too see justice but this world is F*’*ked. I want to totally off grid . I’m fed up. I’m into meditation. helping others. I love doing crafts ect ect . feel free to contact me

  2. Carl

    I am a retired veteran. I have lived off gridfor10 years. I have all types of skills. i am the spritual type, and im part native american. If i can help at all, just let me know.